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rahul kumar 02 Sep,17
Sir , my DOB is 11 nov 1998 so please sir give me my lucky number.
Reetipragya Yadav 02 Sep,17
DOB : 17/04/1973 Birth Time 11 PM Birth Place : Sikandra Rao, UP Kindly tell the details about me
Mukesh Saxena 02 Sep,17
Please suggest me gem stone for happy and healthy life.
Prasanjeetsinha 02 Sep,17
My DOB is 08-02-2003 tell me my lucky number
Jyotirmoi Biswakarma 01 Sep,17
Sir my D.O.B. is 06-05-1999 please give me my lucky no.
paresh patel 30 Aug,17
sir my birth date 7-2-1980 plz mera lucky no. batayie
Vivek Singh 30 Aug,17
Sir, plz tell me about my career I have no job. My d.o.b 3 Feb 1992
zuber 30 Aug,17
Sir My dob 14-04-1992 sir I have money problem
paresh detroja 30 Aug,17
sir my birth dt 7 feb 1980 he plz mera lucky no batao
venkatesh 29 Aug,17
23 11 1988 my date of birth plz help give lucky number
Shashikant R Kambli 26 Aug,17
Sir my DOB 05.09.1974 mujhe mony problem hai hath me paisa nahi rheta eske leye kya kare
sir plz mujhe mera lucky no batao
Jog ram 22 Aug,17
Brajmohan singh 20 Aug,17
My dob is 17 feb 1983. Kindly tell what type of mobile no should I have
Sanders kumar 19 Aug,17
Dear sir my birthday 01,01,1985 h plz tell me my luck
Narayana swamy 18 Aug,17
my date of birth 22 july 1978 plese give me my some lucky ,Numbers
AZAD YADAV 15 Aug,17
My date of birth is 12/01/1997 Kindly please tell me about which type of no. I should have
BABA SAHB 14 Aug,17
My 17/8/1993 plz say something about me that what should I have to do.plz say about when CH mobile no. Should be good for use Thanks.
Sourav Das 14 Aug,17
sri my d.o.d 14/11/1998 lucky nambar
Vikash Kumar 13 Aug,17
Sir my name is Vikash from bihar of birth 09-12-1994..plz recommend some lucky number
maruti 13 Aug,17
Dear sir. My date of birt 22 july 1978 Please give me my lucky number detail Regard Maruti
Sir,my D.O.B 01/01/1978 Tell Me My Lucky Number&day. #Thanks#
Arnav 12 Aug,17
I want to know my future
Ravi Kumar Ch 11 Aug,17
suggest me a mobile number based on my dob 4th december 1977
Ambuj singh 10 Aug,17
Sir mera d.o.b 9/2/1994 hai mera lucky number kya hai
Sanjay Kumar Gupta 07 Aug,17
What Is My Lucky Number, DOB is 18-08-1978,and Pepar Dob 10-07-1979
Kimnal 07 Aug,17
Hi, my D.O.B is 12/05/1986.Please say something about me and my lucky number and phone number, Thanks.
Sujan Dutta 07 Aug,17
My D.O.B is 28/01/1996 w8 is my lucky number
Sunil 06 Aug,17
Hello sir my dob is 22021980 as per certificate I want to know about my future
yogesh malkar 05 Aug,17
Pls tell me Whoes lucky no.of my birthdates 19.04.1989 &
Ram Pratap 05 Aug,17
sir my dob 10/03/1995 lucki namber
Sanjay pandit 05 Aug,17
Sir kindly tell me my lucky no...d o b.. 22Dec1976
Shiv 04 Aug,17
My D.o.b. is 24/05/1992 Plz say something about me that what should I have to do.plz say about when CH mobile no. Should be good for use Thanks.
Hema valecha 02 Aug,17
28/7/ 1984 my date of birth..i want to know my lucky number
Abdul Rahman 02 Aug,17
What is my lucky mobile number my D.O.B. is 02-04-2002
Harpal Singh 28 Jul,17
harpal singh kurukshetra haryana birthday 13.4.19966
meena kumari malhotra 28 Jul,17
Sir my sister meena kumari Malhotra d.o.b 16/10/1979 time 9.27, unwell people say spirt issue she can see ,admite in hospital no result not getting any solution please help beg u
Harpal Singh 28 Jul,17
harpal singh kurukshetra haryana birthday 13.4.19966
sanjay 28 Jul,17
my date of borth was-04-04-1981,place ghazipur ,up. can you sugges me for mobile no
dhanesh 26 Jul,17
sir my d.o.b-20-05-1985 what is my total lucky mobile no
puli sudhakara rao 26 Jul,17
please tell my lucky no. and what should i do to get married and good job my date of birth is 08th september 1975 and time of birth is 19:40 and place of birth is vijayawada-andhra pradesh
sunita 25 Jul,17
HI,I want to know my lucky no to change my mobile no for growth of career and personal view,and DOB is 20/04/1988 @13:01, plz tell me the combination of numbers.Thank you.
Swethajawdekar 25 Jul,17
If this number is lucky then I will buy that simple number Sir my birth date will still 20.08.1983
raja 24 Jul,17
Sir my dob is 8 feb,1998.can u tell me about my future and what my stars say about me.
dharm chand 23 Jul,17
meridob 5-12-1975 or time 13.00 birth place ajmer h meri job kab lagegi
Kammeta Sudhakar Rao 21 Jul,17
Sir/Madam Namaste. My Date of Birth is 07011956, What is my total lucky no Mobile. Which total I have to take and wt is future and health. Regards. Sudhakar
jagdish 19 Jul,17
birth palace yamunanagar-haryana. date 15.01.1968 time 4.00am pl giv mr my free astrology
Sagar 19 Jul,17
Sir life mai bohot problem hai job marriage and everything please guide please my dob is 13-05-1985 place amreli gujrat.please tell me lucky no best for me
Sir Mera B.O.B-Day 02/02/1992 h Mera Job Kabtak Hoga. Mere liye Business thik h ya Job.
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