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harphul jat 24 Jun,16
sir maryi D.O.B. 31/12/1995 lucky number kaya he thanks,
roshan raut 24 Jun,16
DOB 25 nov 1984..please suggest my luck number and from when my career is going to settled down..when i can get job with my satisfied...
pitchaimani 23 Jun,16
Sir my DOB is 26/03/1979 tell me my lucky no. And about my future
dear my Dob is 30.12.1994 and tell me my lucky no.and my future please sir
PRAVEEN V 23 Jun,16
My date of birth 22/7/1986what is my lucky number M
Biswanath Halder 23 Jun,16
My DOB is 18/8/1994 plz suggest me for lucky number
Pushpam Kumar Sharma 23 Jun,16
my name is pushpam kumar sharma my date of birth is 25 may 1993. what is my lucky number and which is lucky mobile number.
My date of birth is 06-11-1984 pls suggest me my lucky nbr is 11 is universal lucky nbr
Suman Srinivasa Krishna 22 Jun,16
26-01-1993 what is my lucky no
Rajan kumar 22 Jun,16
Sir my dob is 20/06/1987 Meri rashi and future bataye please...
parikshith 22 Jun,16
Pls. suggest my lucky number.dob.24.12.1972
Rozer 22 Jun,16
Sir my is Rozer Bhatti DOB is 311/0/1979.. Please suggest me lucky number...
Adv. Mayur Sayare 21 Jun,16
Sir my DOB is 17/06/1987 tell me my lucky no. And about my future
vijay rama raju 21 Jun,16
What is my lucky date of birth is on 18/07/1989
malaya bhoi 20 Jun,16
dob10-06-1994 my lucky numberyy
Pradeep devaraj N 20 Jun,16
i want lucky mobile number for me. my dob is 08/04/1992
Prasad d. kashid 20 Jun,16
My dob is 20/10/1997
sanjay fof 20 Jun,16
May date of birth 5_8_1987 My lucky number of give me
nitish vera 19 Jun,16
My date of birth is 23/07/90 Plz told me my lucky number and my future
samay 19 Jun,16
My date of birth 1/7/1992 what is my lucky number
lovi 19 Jun,16
Dob-:03-01-2001 my future
Chhotan Halder 18 Jun,16
My date of birth:07/09/2002 What is my lucky number?
basavaraj jawoor 18 Jun,16
Pls tel me sir which number suits me for my dob 11-7-1985 planning to buy mob number which you suggest
AMARJEET 17 Jun,16
sir my Date of birth is 04-04-1992 what is my lucky number
rohit sambhria 17 Jun,16
Sir my birth date 16/11/1986 what is my lucky number
santosh mahli 17 Jun,16
Sir my date of birth 11 May 1970 my lucky number
Rana Chowdhury 17 Jun,16
My DOB 19th November 1985 .What is my lucky mobile number?
himanshubhushan 17 Jun,16
My date of birth is 20 03 1991 what is my lucky number
ajay saha 17 Jun,16
my DOB 06-04-1974. so ,what is my lucky mobil no.
Chander Kant 16 Jun,16
What is my lucky number, my date is birth is 8 Jan 1990.
dipak 16 Jun,16
dob 10/7/1996 lucky number
satyam kashyap 16 Jun,16
my dob is 15-08-1995 my lucky no will be....
tarunraj 15 Jun,16
My DOB-07/09/1997 my lucky number and my future.
wajid husain 15 Jun,16
Dob-31-12-1992. Ye number hamare education carrier k liye lucky hai?
satender pal singh gill 14 Jun,16
Sir my bod 2.7.85 .plz job or shadi kab hogi .bhut pareshan hu sir ....krupy help kare sir ....ji
chandan 14 Jun,16
I am chandan and my dob 18-01-1992.i would like to know about my future,my love and my lucky number.pls tell me
rohan gupta 14 Jun,16
mera date of barth mujhe nahi malum hai plz mujhe mera lucky number mail kare mera barth bihar me vhua tha ye mujhae malum hai
Hemanta kumar biswal 13 Jun,16
My D.O.B 25/03/1992 My lucky no ,lover name , my love sucess ya fail....plz ans...
himanahu verma 13 Jun,16
my dob 10-12-1990 time 12:30pm sir meri job ni lag rhi hao plzzzz help
raghavendra 13 Jun,16
my date of birth 31-01-1989 what is my future plz tel me I am struggled in every work like education. job .fully disturbed .....
Arfan hossain 12 Jun,16
my date of birth 02.04.1993 .what is my lucky number????
firoj patel 12 Jun,16
my date of Barth 29/07/1990 bat mera Lucy nokya hai
naveen jha 11 Jun,16
Mera date of birth 29/01/1990. Hi. What is my lucky number. And name
shivam kashyap 11 Jun,16
My dob is 12- 03 - 2003 what is my lucky number
Chirag Malaniya 11 Jun,16
Sir. My date of birth 10,061996,What is my lucky number?
Sanjay B Lalwani 11 Jun,16
Dob 04/01/1976 male . Can you please tell me about my up come in future , are there any chances for me to become a sucessfull person financially as I have never seen financial success in my life . What ever business I try to start it goes under loss . If at all I start working ie doing a job my health gets spoilt very frequently . I have a family for whom I am very worried about their financial back ground .pls guide . Regards Sanjay Pls mail me at.
sumit kumar 10 Jun,16
My birth date is 3-3-1992 What is my future
farooq ahmad sheikh 10 Jun,16
sir g my DOB is 04/05/1981. i always remain unstable. inspite of having good life. plz update me why it happens.
Atul dandotiya 09 Jun,16
Sir my date of birth 01.09.1990 sir my lucky number
Shishram dhaka 09 Jun,16
Sir dob-15.6.1991 Lucky no.btana .
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