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Santosh Dash 25 Aug,16
Want to know what should i do to progress in my career
angad 25 Aug,16
my dob 9.1.1989 whats my lucky number
farhan alam 25 Aug,16
sir everyday 1 digit,pls send my lucky no. 15.05.1995
partha sarathi mukherjee 24 Aug,16
my dob 09-11-1966. what is my lucky number
anil kher 24 Aug,16
my dob 11/02/1960, suggest some tips to sucsesful business
Musthtaq Ahmed 24 Aug,16
my dob 20.12.1975, sir success will come rarely to me. request to suggest me what i have to do. Regards
sunil kumar jani 24 Aug,16
my dt of birth 18/07/1986 whats my lucky no
david chtia 24 Aug,16
My dob 2.10.1994 .. whts my lucky numbr
Sadik khan 24 Aug,16
D.O.B 26 may 1993 Plz suggest me that what should i do that i can acheivement of my life. I have tired but still i din get any job And facing many ups and down in life . Whare i go for job they first recuirement money. And i dont have what should i do sir plz suggest me
Lucky PAncHaL 23 Aug,16
My. DOB 22 March 1996. Plezz keya he mery Lucky Nambar
Rajiv kumar 23 Aug,16
Dob-7/03-1992 Dear sir, plz send me lucky number
tarun arora 23 Aug,16
My dob is 7-7-1987 My rashi is libra Please suggest me lucky phone number and car number for me.
mayur parekh 22 Aug,16
Sir, lucky cell number me total pure 10 digit ka karna he ya 5 digit ka...
Durgesh kumar singh 22 Aug,16
sir mera date of birth 01/11/1994 hai mera lucky mobile number kya hoga plz tell me
Rahul katkar 22 Aug,16
Dear Sir, My birth date is 28-02-1976.whats my lucky mobilenumber
Sreenivasulu 22 Aug,16
My date of birth 26-03-1976 at morning 9:15 suggest perfect phone number
N lova prasad 22 Aug,16
my lenovo A7000 mobile robbery for yestrday 5.00pm at pithapuram in andhrapradesh... please geather..and inform
kamal chauhan 22 Aug,16
My name is Kamal Chauhan My DOB 23.03.1993 suggest me perfect phone number. please
Avinash 22 Aug,16
My Rashi is Scorpion and dob- 29/11/1989..send me a lucky number..
binoy das 21 Aug,16
my date of birth:- 24-04-1972, birth 9.04 pm, now can i progress in business
joyanta ghosh 21 Aug,16 name is joyanta ghosh.what is my lucky no.
mallinath 21 Aug,16
my dob 01-06-1987
amod 21 Aug,16
mujhe gov. job milega? my dob is 25/12/1986
Mukesh Rai 21 Aug,16
I love India
janardan 21 Aug,16
I want to know my lucky number
Bingi chiranjeevi goud 20 Aug,16
Hii sir my self chiranjeevi born on 21 of may 1990. I am trying in film industry of Telugu language. I was trying hard plz let me give u r valuable feedback... tank u sir ...
praveen 20 Aug,16
Sir,my DOB 23-09-1992 ,i am facing a lot of problems in my education, please suggest me some ideas for this
Raghupathi E 20 Aug,16
My date of Birth 12-06-1994 What Is The Lucky Number
Dipak chhetri 20 Aug,16
Pir, Please give me five digits /four digits Number for lottery , can you give me sir thanks Dipak c
sowjanya 19 Aug,16
my bob is 25-10-1989 iam facing so many problems fo r geeting job plz suggest me the solution
Vijay Chaudhur 19 Aug,16
I am in the business of manpower service provider. What is my lucky no and how we get success
chandru 19 Aug,16
my dob 13/08/1987 my what is lucky nober
Rapborlang lyngdoh 18 Aug,16
i love this system..
Rebika 18 Aug,16
Dob is 18 August 1984 Want to kno ma lucky no. N phn no.
Santosh A. Namde. 18 Aug,16
Dear sir my DOB - 11/10/1981 My financial condition get down Day by day debt getting up So please give me the solution
My dob is 15.10.1993 ....which is my lucky number?
Arun kumar 17 Aug,16
whats my lucky number my dob is 27/04.1964
Rakesh bharti 17 Aug,16
Sir, Please send me lucky number 5 digit My 09/03/1997 My zodiac sign is Libra
Rakesh Bali 17 Aug,16
DOB0 2.5.1974 23:45 (11:45 PM) Health business child money
sanjay so Vishwakarma 16 Aug,16
Please suggest me my lucky number I am very upset in my life
satya santra 16 Aug,16
My dob 15/11/1990 Which one is lucky for me
Gaurav pal 16 Aug,16
Why I am not getting job ? Plz tell me what can I do, my dob-27/12/1988 and time 7a.m
Pappu ram meena 16 Aug,16
Sir, my DOB is 05/12/1988 witch mobile No for me, tell me
Kumar 15 Aug,16
Why am not getting job?DOB 3.1.1992 and suggest my lucky number
pinky vedprakash khaneja 14 Aug,16
struggle since the age of 16 continues even at age of 52. born ion 14th March 1964 at 9.15 am.
pappu hazra 14 Aug,16
Dear sanjay sir my name is pappu hazra ,my date of birth is 31 07.1988 ,, birth time is -2.10 pm,pls suggest me something ..
Rajendra Rathod 14 Aug,16
sir , my birth date is 09/01/1964 kindly suggest what is period for me to buy my own house
V.N.Gopikrishnan 13 Aug,16
Sir,Dob:07/04/1967.I would like to know lucky number for mobile.
Iqbal Masih 12 Aug,16
Sir ,please advice phone number for better luck with job and family relations
Sateesh bobbara 12 Aug,16
My dob is 19/06/1994 . Plz tell me lucky num and whn i get the job
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