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Suraj Rana 21 Apr,16
Sir My , Name Is Suraj Rana Dob- 13/10/1998, I Am Know My Future
bablu 20 Apr,16
Sir my dob 02/07/1996 and plz tel my lucky no.
Ganesh Kadam 19 Apr,16
Mam muzhe baby mel hua hai 09 02 2016 ko uska nam konse akshar se rakhu ke useke leye acha ho plz
anil kumar saini 19 Apr,16
my d.o.b 02-05-1991 i am know my future
chetan 19 Apr,16
sir, my dob is 25.07.1988 time of birth 7.45am pleasw help me to find my luck mobile number, and please do say about my future.
rajuram 19 Apr,16
sir i want about my future mujhe d.o.b. pata nahi hai
narasimhudu 18 Apr,16
sir my name is Narasimhudu, and date of birth 10/05/1993
Sir my date of birth is 07/08/1997 birth time is 1.05 pm please tell me for any future suggestions.
Jatin Kumar Agrawal 17 Apr,16
My Name Is Jatin Dob-24/10/1998 TELL MY FUTURE
Shakti prakash singh 17 Apr,16
My DOB is 30 April 1988 4 PM ballia .....I want to know about my future ....
sukesi sahu 17 Apr,16
my name is sukesi date of birth is 10th january 1999.plz tell my future
vijay ravtale 17 Apr,16
Dear sir my name is Vijay Ravtale and birthday is 15 / 12 /1988.can you please let me know about my career / future / and my luck number...
Jiten kisan 16 Apr,16
I want to know about my career and marrige date of birth 11-11-1991 time 02:15 Pm (birth as twin brother)
rajeev thakur 16 Apr,16
I want to know about my future ..please my d.o.b is 16-12-1987.
Nitin kumar 15 Apr,16
Sir my name nitin kumar my d.o.b 23/02/1992 my lucky number and lucky colour suggest to me.
kausar 15 Apr,16
my D.o.b 09/11/1988 tell me my future & Govenment Job & marriage
Ravindra Kumar 15 Apr,16
Sir my dob 10/8/1993 and pls tell me my lucky no.
Dilip kumar Dubey 15 Apr,16
please forecast my futute DOB 16-7-1977
manjunath 14 Apr,16
i want to know my carrier as well as future and my marriage my date of birth 02.01.1990
health, money, d.o.b 27/08/1975
shashank cs 14 Apr,16
Date 23/08/1993 tel me how is my feature Tell me about us pls
Saurabh kumar 14 Apr,16
Sir Please let me know about my future my dete of birth is 10-10-1984
Tapan sahu 14 Apr,16
Hello sir i am mr.tapan sahu.Mera maan hamesa sir entertain ment k taraf he padhai pe sir kyun maan nahi lagta sir paadhne ka sochta hun fir bhi my dob is-03/04/2000
AVINASH. BB 14 Apr,16
My dob 20/11/1993 please suggest my carrier and future time
M.valibasha 13 Apr,16
Dear sir my dob 10/3/1977 Pl telling about my future Pl send my luck no
rashmi 13 Apr,16
sir my daughters name is KUSHI GOWDA D M is d o b 21 july 2011 and ADHYATTA GOWDA D M is d o b 23 feb 2015 what should be correct spell of her names
laxman kumar bolli 13 Apr,16
sir my dob is 30.10.1970 kindly suggest a suitable mobile number for me ..
somashekar 13 Apr,16
My Name Is Somashekar.G DOB. 06/06/1980 plz send my powerful lucky number
Nazim raj 13 Apr,16
my name is nazim plz send my lucky number birthday 25.2.1996
Prem kumar 13 Apr,16
Sir my date of birth is 23/07/1977 morning pls tel my future.
Sir please let me know about my marriage and improvement in life at date of birth is 10-11-1986
Shreeram Das 12 Apr,16
my name is shreeram das, my date of birth is 2-1-1994,, tell my future
Amit kumar saini 11 Apr,16
Dob 21. 01. 1980 present time is going not to good plz suggest me
I WANT TO KNOW MY CARRIER AS WELL AS FUTURE,and my dob is-10/01/1991
Amit kumar saini 11 Apr,16
Dob 21. 01. 1980 present time is going not to good plz suggest me
kulwinder singh 11 Apr,16
My name kulwinder Dob. 21/4/1997 Plz send my lucky number
Tejashwini 10 Apr,16
My d.o.b is 24/5/1994 Pls tell my future
sirg my name is ashish kumar s 10 Apr,16
Sirg my name is ahish Kumar singore my d.o.b is 30-04-1984 what should be correct spell of my name
sohail akhtar 10 Apr,16
sir my name Sohail Akhtar d o b 05-05-1996 please send my lucky number
harish 10 Apr,16
as per my dob zodic sign is taurus and as per my name it is cancer. which is correct for me?
Not getting proper work line & my dob is 13/04/1981
mahinder kumar 10 Apr,16
Tell my future 16/07/1996 dob
Daulat Kumar Singh 10 Apr,16
Dear Sir, My name is "Daulat" and my D.o.b 12th March 1993. Please send me my luckey no for fucture. Thanks !
Deepak sharma 09 Apr,16
My dob is 17-08-1993, send me my lucky no Nd tell me about mah future
Harsh it lunar 09 Apr,16
Sir my date of birth is 2.7.2002 please give me lucky number
Jaydeep khunt 09 Apr,16
My Name Is Jaydeep DOB. 15-06-1990 plz send my lucky number
biki sahu 09 Apr,16
Sir,my d.o.b 27-2-1996,plz tell me about my future.
Harish 09 Apr,16
My do b, 10/12/1968 plz say my future
santosh wakle 09 Apr,16
sir,my name is santosh my dob-16/11/1983 plz send my lucky number
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