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Mujhe mere future ke bare me janna he. my date of birth 25/01/1994 H.s passed 48 % Mark M.P Mark 55 % Kya kam karu kuch hints ......
MUKESH 25 Dec,15
Welcome new year 2016
mattilop somappa maruti 25 Dec,15
DOB is 07-10-1979 what is the future.
dimpal 24 Dec,15
tell about my future and my self... dob-6 jun,1993
My details- MANOTOSH BHATTACHARJEE Date of birth- 29.11.1978 Place- ASANSOL( WEST BENGAL) Time- 19:30:06 I want new mobile connection. please give me some tips for new mobile number
suraj damer 24 Dec,15
my date of birth is 14.10.1996 as what is my future so plz telll me
ashwani mirche 24 Dec,15
birthday 18-10-1995 my nukri kba lagegh
pawan kumar 23 Dec,15
dear sir meri life mai mere forien jane ka yod hai ya nai 2016 me.
my d.o.b is of birth-santhagudipadu(p.o)rompicharla(m.d)guntur(d.t)andhrapradesh.please tell me about my future
tarachand 23 Dec,15
Please tell me about my future DOB-14June1995
satish kumar 23 Dec,15
Sir, Plz. Send my future dtls in my life. D.O.B.=11/06/1981
virendra singh Shekhawat 23 Dec,15
Muje mere future ke bare me janna he me konsi pdhae kru meri date of birth he 26-9-1971
Love is the most important things in my life .
mahesh 22 Dec,15
Tell me about my future Dob.20may 1982
Arvindsahu 22 Dec,15
Muje mere future ke bare me janna he me date of birth he 18:08:92
prachi singh 21 Dec,15
plz tell me about my future r my job when I will got date of birth is 8-9-1989
ratis 21 Dec,15
DOB 10/06/1972I would like to know about my future, like should i do continue the business which has just started or go backto the work
shivam kumar 21 Dec,15
sir kya mari sarkari job lagi gi ya nahi D.O.B.=23/02/1996
Mukesh soni 21 Dec,15
plz tell my future my dob 25/05/1992
Naval kishor yadav 21 Dec,15
sir, meri dob 07/04/1996 hai mera future kya hai. Plz replly
santhosh 21 Dec,15
I nee my lucky mobile numbers list d.o.b 05,Sept,1992
md imam 20 Dec,15
Sir my date of birth is 07-09-1979 please tell me good mobile number for me
Gaurav raaz 20 Dec,15
My d.O.B. 18dec 1997 hai please mera future bataiye
Rajaram Chougule 20 Dec,15
Mera construction ka business hai,lekin is business mein profit nahi mil raha hai.Please hamein margdarshan kijiye.Meri D.O.B pata nahi.
Ganpat 20 Dec,15
Sir muje mere feture ke bare me jan na h plz sir mujhe batao mera d.o.b. 9.11.1994 wednesday time 2.35
vaibhav Chinchole 20 Dec,15
hello sir I am vaibhav muze mere future ke bare janana hai or muze koncy field aachi hai date of birth 6/10/1994
Madhuri Singh 19 Dec,15
Sir, Dob- 13 th oct 1982 Tob- 18:10 Place of birth - odisha Please suggest about my life.
my date of birth is 12-07-1974 please told me my lucky mobile number and future
shewta 19 Dec,15
Sir, Plz. Send my future dtls in my life.DOB-19/06/1982
ajay 19 Dec,15
goods mobile trcker
Krishna Murthy k.g 19 Dec,15
my name is Krishna Murthy k.g place of birth is 01.01.1967 i am not sour my future is plz send my future life now i am suffering finance my future numerology
Rajaram Chougule 19 Dec,15
Mera construction ka business hai ,lekin yeh business sahi tarah se chalta nahi.Please mujhe margdarshan kijiye. Meri D.O.B pata nahi.
tarjan sunil dsouza 19 Dec,15
sir, my date of birth is 03 december 1991. sir tell me what is my future? and my love life? and suggest me a lucky mobile number?
John Varghese 18 Dec,15
My D..O.B is 30/10/1972, Birth time 08:10 AM, Place of birth Kayamkulam-Kearala, I wish know about my whole life.
Malatesh Gujjar M 18 Dec,15
Hello sir, Please tell me about my future.. DOB 18 May 1993 Malatesh G M
Ajay Tiwari 18 Dec,15
Sir, my DOB is 03.08.1972 Please tell me if I can do business or not & about my future. Thanks
Biswajit Dey 18 Dec,15
Hello sir! Mera birthday 10.07.1996 he pls bataiye mera future??
Bubai hazra 18 Dec,15
sir my dob is 19.04.1991 plz tell me about my life. my job plz sir
Anand Kumar Dohalia 17 Dec,15
My D/B 3rd Sep. 1968 Birth time- 6pm , Birth Place- Jalaun (UP) kindly send me my future detail, wich field can be more success ....
satrughna sahu 17 Dec,15
Sir mera DT of birth 11-05-1995 Plz mera lucky colour and my future .
Susmita Kundu 17 Dec,15
my D.O.B -12/07/1990. Job ke bare me mujhe janna hai or mera kya love marriage hoga ?
gulshan kumar 17 Dec,15
son dob 23july1986 at Visakhapatnam b/time 1430 ,plz let me know when n from which state bride will be for him(r Kapoor,parent)
Vikash yadav 16 Dec,15
Hii sir, Plzz tell me about my a good future plzz.. I excepted to you.. DOB- 19.12.1996
maneesh kumar 16 Dec,15
I want to know about our future My date of birth-15/07/1987
Kartik 16 Dec,15
Plz sir Mera Luke number...... Mera D.O.B...18.08.1987.......
N krishna kumar nayak 16 Dec,15
My doughter name is N NAKSHATRA D.o.B 17-12-2014 Please tell me future
ch.naresh 16 Dec,15
sir na dob is 08-04-1996 where is i go in my future. please tel me about it & which job is mainted
sanjay ramchandra vibhute 16 Dec,15
tell about myself my dob 25 nov1968
Ramakrishna 16 Dec,15
Sir this is my Dob 28-05-1992 plsss tell me .About my future
shrijay patil 15 Dec,15
Muje mere future ke bare me janna he me konsi pdhae kru meri date of birth he 10-04-1998
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