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RAHULkunawar 20 Apr,18
My Date of birth is 25/12/1980 kindly provide me my lucky number.
Anjan malakar 20 Apr,18
My date of birth 19/02/1983. My lucky mobile number
Ganesh Kumar Mallick 19 Apr,18
My D.O.B is 08/10/1993 Wt would be my lucky mobile number.
My birth date is 12Dec1987. Tell me my lucky number and sum of mobile number.
Sandeep Gupta 18 Apr,18
Hi, my dob 29/08/1986 tell me my lucky no.
sathiya 17 Apr,18
my D.O.B.26/11/1999 tell my luky number
CHANDAN KUMA Chandan 14 Apr,18
17/3 1977 what is lucky number
Arpan Chakraborty 12 Apr,18
My Date of birth is 22/09/1993 kindly provide me my lucky number.
GaurangDave 12 Apr,18
Which mobile number lucky for me. My birthday 16/05/1982
Dinesh kumar 12 Apr,18
D.o.b. 26/06/1990 tell my lucky mobail number
Narender bisht 12 Apr,18
My date of birth 04-02-1985.what is my lucky number
MYS Pragna 11 Apr,18
Hello My DOB 3rd May 1985, please suggest me a lucky mobile number.I am into Sales & marketing for luxury goods. Please suggest asap.
Ramesh Olekar 11 Apr,18
My D o b is not curect But School Certificate D O B is 02/06/1985 Please Tell Me Most Lucky Mobile Number
sanjog patel 10 Apr,18
My Date of birth is 04/01/1980 please tell my lucky mobile number& car number & other prediction for my life
vannuraswamy 09 Apr,18
hi, dear Sir, my date of birth 03/06/1976.[ night time birth]my zodiac taurus pls tell me which mobile nombr is best to me. thank u Sir.
Ankur Kumar Singh 09 Apr,18
My D.O.B. is 20 june 1999 please tell my luck.
Yogesh 05 Apr,18
My D.O.B. 28/01/1976 Please Tell me most Lucky mobile number
Dinesh Kumar 04 Apr,18
My d.o.b. 13.8.1997 tell my lucky number
dhananjay kashyap 03 Apr,18
MY DOB 14-08-1994 Sir Plz Tell my Lucky No.
Jaideep k momaya 01 Apr,18
24/02/1979 Saturday birth place dhule Maharashtra time evening 07:45 help to find my lucky mobile number lucky colour shop name
Vivek kumar 24 Mar,18
My D.O.B -25/11/1993 (1) Tell my lucky Number , or (2) A number.... which is the sum of ten digits of mobile number.
Tanweer alam 15 Mar,18
my dob. 15/04/1999 plz tell my lucky number
ashwani bailwal 15 Mar,18
Hi my dob is 20-06-1992 please tell my lucky number
Ved Prakash 14 Mar,18
My date of birth 28/07/1985 Mera lucky no kya hona chahiye
Ravi jaiswal 13 Mar,18
My d.o.b.01-01-2018 choise to simple and lucky number so what is my lucky number
Vipin Garg 10 Mar,18
DOB 12 Nov 1971 Time 18:05 Place Delhi Career and Ancestral property issue
Krishna kumar tripathi 09 Mar,18
मेरा आयु ०१/०३/१९६८मानी गई है और मेरा विवाह नही हुआ क्या कारण है कि मेरा भाग्य उदय नहीं हो रहा है
Shanmugam Sundaram 09 Mar,18
My birthday date is 11/06/1999 can you send me lucky Number
Debasis Ojha 09 Mar,18
my dob-10/09/1996 please tell my lucky no.
rakesh a b 07 Mar,18
Hi sir plz suggest me licky phone number for my date of birth 06march1994(06/03/1994)
Bala dhanunjaya yadav 06 Mar,18
my life date of birthday 18-02-1996. .all
Puranjay Ranjan Chowdhury 04 Mar,18
My D. O. B-31.10.1986 Please tell me my lucky number
Rakesh Kumar 01 Mar,18
I have lost my mobile htc 728 d.o.b 01/01/1961 Please information give me plz
dob 14/12/1969 pls suggest what should I do to get my long due promotion
Tejinder pal singh 27 Feb,18
My date of birth is 20th dec 1970. Pls advise me my lucky no.
Zarzolien 25 Feb,18
My DOB 12/12/1985 please tell me my lucky number
Naveen Kumar S 25 Feb,18
My D.O.B 30/06/1985 please tell me my lucky number
Abhishek Prasad 24 Feb,18
Sir,my DOB 01/08/1971 Name : Abhishek Prasad, Place-Kolkata, Time-Early Morning pls suggest lucky no for me
Bhagwan Singh 24 Feb,18
My d. o. b. 15/07/1990
Vamshi 23 Feb,18
12-06-2001 PLS Tell My Lucky Number
raju barde 23 Feb,18
aslam hussain 21 Feb,18
My d.5o.b- 02/01/1991 pls tell me my lucky number
Samuel Fernandes 20 Feb,18
sandeep kumar 19 Feb,18
Sir my D.O.B. 15-07-1994 , please tell me about my lucky number.
Nirmal bhojgaria 17 Feb,18
My dob is 267/1958 time 9:00am jharia jharkhand plz tell me my very lucky no, thanx
Hirendra Nath Ghosh 14 Feb,18
My date of birth is 19/09/1974 Please guide
Jaga podh 12 Feb,18
23/11/1995 tell my lucky number plese
Naveen Kumar 08 Feb,18
Hi..plz reply what can be my extremely supported mobile number? Birth Date ## 04/10/1989
Jaidev 06 Feb,18
My d.o.b 02/07/1999 Pls tell me my lucky number
GD Mishra 05 Feb,18
hi pls suggest lucky no for me my DOB 06/01/1985 Full Name : Gadadhar Mishra
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