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Ashish joshi 30 Nov,15
Sir me new mobile no buy kar raha hu mere dob 10-07-98 ke acording lucky no batana
parveen yadav 29 Nov,15
my dob is 9-9-1998 whats my lucky no.
Anish 29 Nov,15
My db lucky mobile sumber plz..
Abhinav Singh 29 Nov,15
My dob is 5-9-1996.Plz teell me the luck numbers for my carrier and realtionship in my life.
Mukesh Kumar Jha 29 Nov,15
my date of birth is 25 /09/1983 Pl advice me which mobile number suits me
Bal Mukund Shah 29 Nov,15
mery janm tithi 31-08-1964 hai please mere bhavisy ke bare me bataye hamara din kab thik hoga
chandan kumar 29 Nov,15
Mobile name Micromax_A-24 is thievery
Sangeeta 29 Nov,15
Sir my dob is 20/10/1991 . i m doing and want a govt job.. So I wud lyk to know about my job. When will I get the job
dhananjay deokar 28 Nov,15
connect the lifeline. Obstract is time to time why????
bunty 28 Nov,15
My dob 11121974. Which mobile number suitable for me
vaibhav chinchole 28 Nov,15
i sir i am Vaibhav chinchole my dob is 6/10/1994 pz suggested whose number lucky for me
mohan kumar 28 Nov,15
Dear sir my DOB is 07-06-1977 please tell me my lucky mobile number for me may career and relationship with my family and business/job
srinivasarao 27 Nov,15
sir my date of birth is 01-04-1976. plz tell me my lucky number and lucky colour.
tarjan sunil dsouza 27 Nov,15
sir my dob 3- december-1991. which mobile number is lucky for carrier success and love success
karan khatri 27 Nov,15
My dob is 29/02/1996 which no ki suitable for me
santosh ghorpade 26 Nov,15
we are launching a new product of software name padma is it a good name
divakar 26 Nov,15
sir suggest me lucky mobile no should start with and end with and total no my dob is 19-05-1990
Siddharth Gupta 26 Nov,15
Dob 15-06-94 Can you suggest my lucky cell no.
मकसुद सैय् 26 Nov,15
भाऊ माझी जन्म तारीख 05/10/1980 आहे, मी कोणत्या लकी नंबर चा मोबाईल नंबर वापरावे .....
ravi kudale 26 Nov,15
Sir,madam my birth date is 8/11/1972 ,what is mobile number is benifitial to me?please helpy.
mansinghyadav 25 Nov,15
My dob is5-1-1994 tell me lucky mob. No.
shubham patel 25 Nov,15
I am study in B.Sc. Math Please tell me lucky mob. no.
Shraddha patil 24 Nov,15
Hello sir My dop is 16/12/1981 8:20am mumbai plz tell me my lucky mobile number
vikram 23 Nov,15
I working in pharma company for IT support. Kindly suggests which one better for me
gaurav 23 Nov,15
I have done diploma but now I am struggling. Kindly suggest me what I have to do get job.
Ravikumar kishor sonawane 23 Nov,15
pranam, my birth date- 31/05/1990 time- 17:45 suggest me my lucky mobile no or lucky single no. i am computer engineer, job or business suggest
Saurabh hande 22 Nov,15
My dob is 4/10/1993 my lucky number tell me please sir .
Sahil 22 Nov,15
Mera bi lucky number bta do plz my D.O.B h 22.01.1999 mai avi 12th me hu
Arun kumar 22 Nov,15
I am study in Bsc (Bio) first year i born in basti i search a job Date of Bairth _10/02/1997 any people can help me plz connect me sir
Satnam Singh 20 Nov,15
My DOB is 21.02.1967,, please give me my lucky number for mobile.
sir mera d.o.b 09/06/1996 hai please sir bataeye ki mera lucy nu kya hoga
Shraddha patil 20 Nov,15
My dob is 16-12-1981 plz tell me sir my lucky mobile num for me career and relationship with boyfriend his dob 07-09-1975
Jagadeesh 19 Nov,15
My DOB is 18-10-1998,my lucky no tell me sir
R saravana kumar 18 Nov,15
Hai sir gudmorning I want to buy a new mobile number please guide me according to my birth date which is lucky number to buy a new mobile number
bhushan mokal 18 Nov,15
Sir i am studying in last year of diploma N my birthdate is 2nd july 1996 at 6 am So predict how i got percentage in exam
Ravishek kumar 17 Nov,15
मेरा जन्म तिथि 17 मई 1995 है । मेरे बारे में कुछ बताईये न कृपया कर के ।
pramod patil 17 Nov,15
my name is pramod patil,my d o b-31-04-1991,rasi-kanya,please send my lucky phone no in my email,
pintu chaudhary 17 Nov,15
Village chandsora post noni jagner agra 283115 d.o.b 10/08/1997 plzz send my luck number
vidya kumari 17 Nov,15
namste sir,mera naam vidya h my dob is 7/10/1995 ,sir mere love life bilkul sahi nhi chal raha h kab tak sab kuch thik hoga mere life me
vidya kumari 17 Nov,15
my name is vidya kumari and my dob is 7/10/1995 sir plzz tell me my lucky mobile no.which is effect my love life and career life plz send my lucky phone no. in my email
Kashilal 16 Nov,15
I Bron in 1984-12-22 Night 8.30Pm so i want to know the my Lucky Number please help me that the matter i appreciated to you thanks so much....
sir i am SUMANTA SINGH my dete of birth is 07-feb-1996 please send my locky mob number
Ravikumar sonawane 15 Nov,15
Respected Sir, Dob- 31/05/1990 time- 17:45 suggest me mobile no for better sucsess
subrata ganguly 15 Nov,15
What is my luccy no. My DOB is 26.04.1961
GANI 15 Nov,15
Raju 14 Nov,15
Dear Sir, Sir my date of birth is 13/01/1975 and time is 7:30am to 7:45am. Sir kindly send which mobile number is lucky for me ending 3 digit
keshav chandra 14 Nov,15
keshav chandra. aur mera lucky phone numbers kya pls send my email
devadas 14 Nov,15
hi sir, my date of birth is 11-11-1981 pls tell me lucky numbers
my name is sudhir kumar d.o.b 14 Nov,15
plz send my laky no for my email
md haider alam 14 Nov,15
I still studing my aim doctor
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