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md nasim 07 Nov,15
Dob 05-06-1986 Please btaye mera lucky no
Sandeep Kumar yadav 06 Nov,15
Pls tell my lucky no & send to my email id
N Ravinder 05 Nov,15
My don 17-05-1985 tele me my future and cariar
ABHINAV 05 Nov,15
DOB 3-10-1990 Time 09.26 PM (21:26) Area Add.:- DEOBAND (Saharanpur) U.P. Saharanpur
SAMIT 05 Nov,15
My DOB 14/05/1992, please tell me my future & carrier
prabhakar 05 Nov,15
please tell me my future career i want a good job
Akash jivtode 05 Nov,15
Sir , my dob is 30 june 1989 So my questions is .is it my career in software or gov job
chiranjeevi 05 Nov,15
my date of birth is 16june1989 Pzl let us have my star sign and lucky num
narayanaswamy 04 Nov,15
please tell me which mobile no is lucky for me and tell me the feature of the life dear sir.
Pappu kalundia 04 Nov,15
Mera naam pappu kalundia aur mera lucky phone numbers kya pls send my email
B M RAMAJAYA 03 Nov,15
My bod 03-05-1957, please tell me which mobile no. Is lucky for me and tell me the future of the life sir.
gatirushna jena 03 Nov,15
my name is gatikrushna jena,nick name-makuru,bapi,my d o b-24-11-1984,rasi-mithun,please send my lucky phone no in my email,
vinit kulkarni 02 Nov,15
I am businessman with celebrity in south india Please give me the information for the lucky, golden, vvip number my dob-27th dec 1982
chetan niraj sharma 02 Nov,15
I want lucky no. For my career and dstiny
krishna kuntal 02 Nov,15
My dob 19-03-1998 my future & carrier
ved prakash maury a 02 Nov,15
Please give me lucky no 25/03/1993
Neha sharma 02 Nov,15
i want to know about my luck. When i will get job.
Amit kumar 02 Nov,15
my dob.18-09-1985. what is my future ?
monika 02 Nov,15
plz tell me about my carrier and when will I get marry?
aman deep singh 01 Nov,15
sir, my d.o.b is 30 jan 1988, tell me which is my lucky number, and which mobile no. & and vehicle no. Is lucky for me,
Shubham kumar 01 Nov,15
Sir my birth day is 22/03)1994 my name is shubham kr. Pls tell me my feture .
Sumit kumar 31 Oct,15
my dob 04/03/1993 my future & carrier which mobile no. Is lucky for me and tell me the future of the life sir.
sonu 31 Oct,15
My dob 21-07-1997 sir please. Send me lucky no
anilsingh 31 Oct,15
hello sir may name is anil singh plese send my luky number on my e-mail
Sandeep kumar 31 Oct,15
Jaha me 4 saal pehle tha apne kaam me wahi me aaj khada hua hu 4 saal baad bhi mera luck kab mera sath dega sirji
Sultan Singh 31 Oct,15
Dear Sir, Please provide me my lucky number as on the same e-mail address.
shankar H 29 Oct,15
DOB 12-07-1968:@4 am, Pl let us have my lucky mobile no. Pl send by email.
abhijit bangar 29 Oct,15
my dob is 21/4/1999, please tell me my future in carrier and my lucky number
kannan 29 Oct,15
my dob 22/10/1996 plse tell me my feature&carrier
santosh singh 28 Oct,15
Plz bataye ki mera lucky no kya hai
Thabo 28 Oct,15
Sir please help me with the path to my success
kushal 28 Oct,15
My DOB 05.07.1993 Please send me my lucky mobile Number
Rakesh Das 27 Oct,15
Hello Sir, my date of birth is 13-01-1997. Please send my lucky number in my email. Thank You.
krishna 27 Oct,15
Sir jai shri ram,.can u suggest me which no series is lucky for me? My dob is 07395
Girish 27 Oct,15
Dear Sir, My DOB is 13/06/1990, what is my Lucky no. and how choose my lucky phone no.
SURESH 27 Oct,15
Sir my d o b is10.06.1984what will be my lucky number
my dob 13/5/83 what my lucky no. and my future
Anoop Kumar Gupta 27 Oct,15
MY dob.25.10.1985 what is my future &Carrier
AkhilEsh yadav 27 Oct,15
My DOB-28-10-1998. What is my future & carrier.
Ssubham jaga 27 Oct,15
My d.o.b. 26-09-1997 My future and carrear
Tarak Nandeshwar Singh 27 Oct,15
my DOB is 05/12/1990 plz tell me my lucky number sir?
Subhash Suryawanshi 26 Oct,15
dob 24/08/1969 what mobile number shoul i use ?
Bharat 26 Oct,15
My birthdate 15 -01-61 which no is lucky for me.
gyanesh 26 Oct,15
my luckky no. 1-11-1981
Jayantilal 26 Oct,15
Sir my dob is 08-10-1967 which type of business and in which area please guide.
sukumar chakravartty 26 Oct,15
Hello sir my lucky num&color.plz send is my e mail id
Pappu kalundia 25 Oct,15
Mera date of birth hai 01/06/1993 me ek business karha hoon aur succuss kab honga
Akash 25 Oct,15
Sir my DOB is 26/04/1997 what is my lucky number please sir send me email id Please sir.
mukesh kumar 25 Oct,15
Lost mobile Micromax A106
biswajit mondal 25 Oct,15
my dob 01.06.1977.plz send my lucky number sir.
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