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Ashwith 26 Feb,16
date of birth 1/7/94 suggest lucky no
Jayaganesan 26 Feb,16
my dob is 25/5/1990. what is my star? what is my horoscope? what is my Zodiac?
Ashutosh Pandey 25 Feb,16
My d.o.b. is 13/07/1997 What is my lucky no.
V Thiagarajan 25 Feb,16
mydate of birth is 13 mar 1977 suggest to know about future business. presently i think to share trading business. suggest please
bkvenkkatesh 25 Feb,16
my dob 17/02/1972 pl suggest me mobile no i am real estate agent
siddharth singh 25 Feb,16
my date of birth is 22/05/1994 please suggest my lucky number
ajit kharat 24 Feb,16
my birth day is 20-02-1991 what is my luky number
ajit kharat 24 Feb,16
my birth day is 20-02-1991 what is my luky number
suneetha 24 Feb,16
My date of Birth 01-12-1992 is number good are bad please suggest
Prem Chandra Chaudhary 24 Feb,16
Please about me some word. DOB 19-07-1972.
Chintan Jodhani 24 Feb,16
hello Dear sir, my Name is chintan jodhani my DOB is 22/01/1991 i m A visa Consoltant but some time my business going low(loss) plz help me.
Nitin athiya 24 Feb,16
My DOB 07/081997 what is my lucy number
prashant kumar 24 Feb,16
Business is suitable for me or not.dob is 03/06/1988
Shobhit singh 23 Feb,16
My DOB 01/01/1994 Iwant to my know my futur progress
Shiv Kumar Pandey 23 Feb,16
Sir, my date of birth is 21/11/1986 please suggest me a number
Parashuram 23 Feb,16
My name is parashuram malusare my DOB is 11th January 1990
shreedhar 23 Feb,16
my date of birth 12-6-1995 what is my luckey no &which no is my good mobile no plzz suggest me sir..
yugandhar 23 Feb,16
03-02-1997 this is my date of birth plzzz suggest my lucky no
sarfaraj alam 23 Feb,16
my birth date is 10/10/1972 please tell me my lucky no and also my my future. thank you.
MY DOB 05/07/1993 What is my mobile number
santhosh 23 Feb,16
my date of birth 15/05/1993 suggest my lucky number
Dipankar Nandan 23 Feb,16
Sir I am from Kolkata.My date of birth is 23/12/1972.Please suggest my lucky mobile number
Girish Chandra Kuar 22 Feb,16
My date of birth is 08-12-1975 kindly say what is my lucky no
Sanjay Sinha 22 Feb,16
My DOB is 14.10.1965 what is my lucky number
Lakshminarayana.N 21 Feb,16
My dob:6.7.1984 plz send my luky mobile no.
Vikas 07 Feb,16
My date of birth 15/11/2000 Suggest my lucky no.
mayuri gulabani 07 Feb,16
DOB 13-04-1964 i want to know future business
Dibakar Kumbhar 06 Feb,16
My Birth day 5/2/1992 Please talwin my Mobile number
podishetti dinesh 06 Feb,16
my dob 30-12-1989 lucky mobile number
Mahesh 06 Feb,16
My birthday is 02-08-1995 what is my lucky number
manish yadav 06 Feb,16
My birthday date 10 -10-1997 mere lucky number ke bare me batao
ashok 05 Feb,16
it easy and comfort to go through this site good
abhaykumar Rae 05 Feb,16
Sir 20 -03-1988 My lucky mobile, car,number kat hai and business konsa karu
Anjaneyulu 05 Feb,16
my date of birth is aug 11,1985 which mobile no can i choose i am a business man
varun kumar 04 Feb,16
hello sir.. my dob is 25-1-1994...sir i begu plz tell me about my marriage and my life partner name. when i mat with her
Dob- 28.03.1991.plz known me my future&lucky number,etc...
Vinod kumar 03 Feb,16
Good job sir brilliant sir I have one question sir I m not satisfied with my life in every field my face smiling but heart no
mahil 02 Feb,16
This is my lucky no. My dob-16-5-1999
sagar lagas 02 Feb,16
may barthaday date o1/07/1992 and tell about my of future.&lucky number
Apninder pal singh 02 Feb,16
resectedsir my date of birth 09/12/1975 on 3.35 pm plzz tell my feature & money.plz plz
Rajinder Kumar 02 Feb,16
kindly tell me my lucky no, my date of birth is June 05,1982
nimma Ramesh my lucky number and my name in dob 11-05-1989
ramachandra 01 Feb,16
sir please suggest me which mobile number is suite for me
madasu venkatesh 01 Feb,16
my dob 16/12/1991 may i know my carrer is now
mahendra prabhakar more 31 Jan,16
मेरा लकी नंबर और मेरे तकदीर मे क्या लिखा हे
vishha deshmukkh 30 Jan,16
my birt date 21/07/1987 lucky mob no
Puneet Kumar k 29 Jan,16
31-07-1987 date of birth time 1:20pm tell about my business future
Vikas Chauhan 29 Jan,16
Its a Gr8 Work You are Doing For Us
madan kumar purohit 28 Jan,16
Srimanji mera lucky name kya hona chahie bt d 07/04/1983
Vigneshwaran.s 27 Jan,16
My dob is 17-06-1996 what is my lucky number
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