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Pradeep Kumar Jaiswal 27 Jul,16
Sir..! My 28-12-1980 which is suitable for me
my dob 24.06.1977. sir pl suggest in business & financial status.New business opportunity.
Hello sir my dob is 27 07 1996 can you tell me lucky mobile number
raju kumar mahto 11 Jul,16
6.7.1999 suggest me some lucky number
HARSH 11 Jul,16
sir which type of mobile number is good for me, my dob: 25/3/19887
vaibhav prabhakar petkar 10 Jul,16
Sir my DOB is 10-11-1995 I am facing lot of problem in study (always 1-2 mark short than cutoff)please suggest right career option,lucky germs,mobile no.,signature style.
Amol Salokhe 10 Jul,16
Res sir/madam, my self amol my dob is 2/11/1989 i want to start the NGO for the poor people & join politics to help them so to achive this give me good cell num suggestion it should be help to me & other people.
Gade Naresh 10 Jul,16
sir my dob is 30-03-1993 please suggest me lucky number and mobile number
Sanjay Modi 10 Jul,16
my birthdate is 13feb 1975. sir pl suggest in business & financial status.New business opportunity.
Hemant 10 Jul,16
My future DOB is 14/01/1998
jyoti sarkar 09 Jul,16
i love somnone his name is riju hoque, tel me about our relationship in future
sir ,my dob is 25-06-1991 what will be lucky mobile no for me
Amardeep 07 Jul,16
Sir my DOB is 30 jun 1987 plese let mi know when I will get married
rajkumar 07 Jul,16
My date of birth 27.06.1989 08:45am my lucky number and colour
Kiran 07 Jul,16
sir dob 31/08/1994 pls suggest me lucky number
Pavan 06 Jul,16
Lucky no 12-08-1996
Piyush Dinesh Pandey 06 Jul,16
Sir My Name Is Piyush Pandey DOB 17/10/1998
sanjay kumar 06 Jul,16
My date of birth is 18 Oct 1968,how is my future
Himanshu saini 06 Jul,16
sir my dob is 10/05/1998 what is my future please say me in hindi
pawan kumar 05 Jul,16
Dob 27.1.1995 Sir what do will in future
pankaj tripathi 05 Jul,16
Sir,my d.o.b is 19 June 1980,facing a lot of problems in my career and marriage life,plz suggest me my lucky no and golden number
Neeraj sharma 05 Jul,16
17-3 -93 tell me abt my future ad love life
somay kumar 05 Jul,16
sir my d.o.b_3/9/1993 hai meri government job kb or kis field me lgegi or time bta do year wise 2016 ya 2017
somay kumar 05 Jul,16
sir my dob 3/9/1993 sir meri government job kb lgegi or kis fields me lgegi or time bta do year wise clear kb hoga 2016 me lg jayegi ki nhi
Supriya Nayak 04 Jul,16
sir my dob 20/08/1991 what type of may future husband please reply me sir
krishan mohan ssp 04 Jul,16
sir my lucky number my DOB 15/07/1999
Rajeshree 03 Jul,16
My lucky mobile no & good luck no.Thks birth date :31.12.1977
parimal 03 Jul,16
date of birth :11.7.1976 facing lot of problems in marriage & in life, wats my lucky no. any scope of new business & in which area
vishnu dangi 03 Jul,16
sir my date of birth 08.09.1950 so please suggest me some lucky number.
my DOB is 03/08/1980. pls suggest me my lucky number. & is any spelling changes in my name? Thank you.
Kiran Kumar S J 29 Jun,16
sir my date of birth is 16/07/1992. i am completed master degree what type of can get please replye me sir
victor 29 Jun,16
Sir my name is victor, my DOB 19/07/1990, so please suggest me some lucky number.
chandan ram 29 Jun,16
suggest my lucky number my date of birth 17/06/1976
RAMESH 29 Jun,16
sir my date of birth (01-09-1974) please my ask lucky nb
satyajeet sangam 28 Jun,16
i lost my sony xperia t2 how i find my phone.
Amit Srivastava 28 Jun,16
My lucky number is 2 , DOB 12-06-1989, so plz luck number
deepak kumar 27 Jun,16
sir, my dob 24-10-1984. plz suggest me lacky number.
Pradeep 27 Jun,16
Hi My full name is Pradeep Bojja Prasad my DOB is 11/11/1976 what will be my lucky no..
Kaushik Ranjan das 27 Jun,16
ravinder kumar yadav 27 Jun,16
pls suggest my lucky noumber dob 02.02.1974
jayant 27 Jun,16
plz suggest my lucky mobile no my dob 01/11/1992
kamal gaur 27 Jun,16
plz tell me my lucky number and my dob is 29/06/1990
parveen verma 26 Jun,16
sir,my DOB is 11-02-1993 plese suggest my lucky number
Bijukumar T 26 Jun,16
Sir, My name is Bijukumar T. My DOB is 16-10-1974. Kindly suggest my lucky number
sayed laiba 26 Jun,16
my lucky no is my dob 30-81997 plzz I want this mobile I really like this mobile too much
sonali 25 Jun,16
suggest memy lucky no.dob 4.03.1986
nareshkumar 25 Jun,16
sir my date of birth (6,6,1995) please my ask lucky nb
Saket kumar 25 Jun,16
My lucky number as DOB 15/07/1985
ashim das 25 Jun,16
Sir my DOB 12/06/1994 please Tell me my future life
Uday raj 24 Jun,16
Name : Uday Raj N Don : 03/01/1985 Pls suggest good number.
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