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ikramsharieff 23 Jan,16
hello sir my dob is 12/1/1984 hi sir plz suggest my future and my business and my marriage and my future thnk u......
shubhranshu shekhar 22 Jan,16
My d/o/b is 28 june 1998 whata my lucky number
girish 22 Jan,16
sir my dob 6/7/1983 please sugest me right mobile number
satish kumar 21 Jan,16
hello sir.. my dob is 26-11-1991...sir i begu plz tell me about my marriage and my life partner name. when i mat with her
rekham 21 Jan,16
hai i ma Rekha,my dob is 26-2-1989,please let me know about my future.
juber mulla 21 Jan,16
hi, my dob is 30/06/1980. i just start my company which is working in service sector. we are mainly works in roads and highways. please suggest me mobil no for business success.
allam sreenivasulu 21 Jan,16
my date of birth 26/02/1963 suggest no and lucky no
Rampal 20 Jan,16
R/sir My dob. Is 08 step.1980 In documents not in real, just suggested. Tell me my future please.
sanjaykumar r pasi 20 Jan,16
Hi sir please suggest to my job in permanent& my life in not settled?
ikbal alam 20 Jan,16
My birthday was on 03-04-1998 ..what is my lucky number &also my best ever mobile no
vijayarora 19 Jan,16
Hello My birthday is on 22/08/1978 evening 5.15 near pali river raj can oyu tell my financial future for this year
Manjunath 18 Jan,16
Sir my date of birth is 03/07/1984 Time-10.45AM Pls advise which mobile number to use. Iam unmarried when can get married.
venkatesh gowda j 17 Jan,16
my dob is 10/02/1995 2.30 pm suggest me the number
Anand Kumar 17 Jan,16
Hi sir my dog is 1/1/1989 Please tell me my future Please sir Regards Anand Kumar
deepak 17 Jan,16
Hi sir my date of birth is 28/7/1982 mor 1.35am so sir tel me in future and tel me wich mobile num is use
kumar.h 17 Jan,16
my dob is 11/05/1978 how is my future life what r the predictions follows for my future life please tell me
rinku chakrawati 17 Jan,16
Hi sir my DOB. 30/01/1988 please suggest my future please
Manoj Soni 17 Jan,16
My Date Of Birth 04/05/1990 and Yesterday i buy a mobile no. Plzz tell me is this no. Lucky for me ??
anantha padmanabha hk 17 Jan,16
My dob is 15th Oct 1990. Please suggest me a lucky number.
j.anil kumar 16 Jan,16
My dob is 17/1/1991 plzz tell me about future and carrier
Subhadeep Kamila 16 Jan,16
Sir my name is Subhadeep Kamila.My date of birth is 25/12/1988 in west sir plz tell me about my future,my job, my income, my marriage
Sir, My dob is 11/01/1974. I am searching job.Pl tell me about my career sir.
Mahesh 16 Jan,16
B.O.D . 05 08 1990 time 04.45 pm plz tell me my mobile lucky no and my nxt futures , job plzplz
hai sir my date of birth is 07-01-1996 please suggest me a good mobile no
rahul 15 Jan,16
hi sir my dob is 04/11/1987 please tell me abt my future and carrier plzzzzzzzzzz sir
nirvan 15 Jan,16
my DOB 1/5/1994 GIVE ME LUCKY NO.
shravan kumar 13 Jan,16
Happy new year 2016
Ravi 12 Jan,16
My birthdate is 04/11/2000 i am reading in class 9th कैसा होगा मेरा भविष्य प्लीज बताइये
Mac Sharma 12 Jan,16
Hath mein ghadi koyi bhi ho…. Lekin waqt apna hona chahiye .... #Happy new year.
sunil jadhav 11 Jan,16
Hi my dob 15-06-1996 in tanda please talk about my future
Rachna Choudhary 10 Jan,16
DOB 12 Feb 1962,time 1045 am..Please predicte future..
Jayesh 10 Jan,16
Hi My DOB is 10-08-1984. Plz suggest me right mobile number
fathima 09 Jan,16
hello sir.. my dob is 09-06-1999 am in kerala .. sir i beg u plz tell me about my future sir ... sir especially am studing in 10th and i want to know my result as soon as possible sir plzzz... and also i am in a series relation for about 9 years... and i wish to marry him sir plzzz provide my future sir..... will our marriage could happen
manish 08 Jan,16
Happy new year 2016
sunny kumar 08 Jan,16
hi sir my dob is 01/06/1990 please tell me abt my future and carrier plzzzzzzzzzz sir
pradeep 08 Jan,16
Dear sir/madam my DOB is 14/05/1986 , 5:15am. Could you tell my future life.
muneshwer kumar 07 Jan,16
Sir my dob 8-1-1984 please take about my future please sir
Gulshan kumar 07 Jan,16
D.O.B : 2/10/1991 Please tell me about my job status when I get a job
Ankit Bambhniya 07 Jan,16
Sir Plz Maru Bhavishya Batavo K Mare Have Aagal Su Thase Job Nu Merage Nu DOB-23/10/1994 Time-8:30 Mahuva Dist Bhavnager
susanta kumar dey 06 Jan,16
My birthday was on 12-01-1992 ..what is my lucky number &also my best ever mobile no
Amit Kumar Pandey 04 Jan,16
My D.O.B 12-12-1992 please about my future.
Amit world 02 Jan,16
saurabh 02 Jan,16
Yea, I also use vadafone srvises , it is to good and useful , to the area of network and connectivity.
Prince kumar 01 Jan,16
lekha Rajesh Visaria 01 Jan,16
please provide predictions for 20116
सभी गीले शिकवे भुला कर नए साल में दोस्ती और प्यार को आसमान की बुलंदियों से भी ऊँचे और सागर की गहराई से, आगे निकल कर इस जहाँ में, एक नई मिशाल कायम करे,यही मेरी सब लोगो से प्रार्थना है. ...शोभित सिंह चन्देल...
Rahul 31 Dec,15
Good morning and Advance happy new year
B.s.jangid 31 Dec,15
D.o.B 13/09/1988 plz tell me about my future.
Aishwarya Shree 30 Dec,15
tell me something about my study.and my career
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