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Sandeep Gupta 18 Apr,18
Hi, my dob 29/08/1986 tell me my lucky no.
sathiya 17 Apr,18
my D.O.B.26/11/1999 tell my luky number
CHANDAN KUMA Chandan 14 Apr,18
17/3 1977 what is lucky number
Arpan Chakraborty 12 Apr,18
My Date of birth is 22/09/1993 kindly provide me my lucky number.
GaurangDave 12 Apr,18
Which mobile number lucky for me. My birthday 16/05/1982
Dinesh kumar 12 Apr,18
D.o.b. 26/06/1990 tell my lucky mobail number
Narender bisht 12 Apr,18
My date of birth 04-02-1985.what is my lucky number
MYS Pragna 11 Apr,18
Hello My DOB 3rd May 1985, please suggest me a lucky mobile number.I am into Sales & marketing for luxury goods. Please suggest asap.
Ramesh Olekar 11 Apr,18
My D o b is not curect But School Certificate D O B is 02/06/1985 Please Tell Me Most Lucky Mobile Number
sanjog patel 10 Apr,18
My Date of birth is 04/01/1980 please tell my lucky mobile number& car number & other prediction for my life
vannuraswamy 09 Apr,18
hi, dear Sir, my date of birth 03/06/1976.[ night time birth]my zodiac taurus pls tell me which mobile nombr is best to me. thank u Sir.
Ankur Kumar Singh 09 Apr,18
My D.O.B. is 20 june 1999 please tell my luck.
Yogesh 05 Apr,18
My D.O.B. 28/01/1976 Please Tell me most Lucky mobile number
Dinesh Kumar 04 Apr,18
My d.o.b. 13.8.1997 tell my lucky number
dhananjay kashyap 03 Apr,18
MY DOB 14-08-1994 Sir Plz Tell my Lucky No.
Jaideep k momaya 01 Apr,18
24/02/1979 Saturday birth place dhule Maharashtra time evening 07:45 help to find my lucky mobile number lucky colour shop name
Vivek kumar 24 Mar,18
My D.O.B -25/11/1993 (1) Tell my lucky Number , or (2) A number.... which is the sum of ten digits of mobile number.
Tanweer alam 15 Mar,18
my dob. 15/04/1999 plz tell my lucky number
ashwani bailwal 15 Mar,18
Hi my dob is 20-06-1992 please tell my lucky number
Ved Prakash 14 Mar,18
My date of birth 28/07/1985 Mera lucky no kya hona chahiye
Ravi jaiswal 13 Mar,18
My d.o.b.01-01-2018 choise to simple and lucky number so what is my lucky number
Vipin Garg 10 Mar,18
DOB 12 Nov 1971 Time 18:05 Place Delhi Career and Ancestral property issue
Krishna kumar tripathi 09 Mar,18
मेरा आयु ०१/०३/१९६८मानी गई है और मेरा विवाह नही हुआ क्या कारण है कि मेरा भाग्य उदय नहीं हो रहा है
Shanmugam Sundaram 09 Mar,18
My birthday date is 11/06/1999 can you send me lucky Number
Debasis Ojha 09 Mar,18
my dob-10/09/1996 please tell my lucky no.
rakesh a b 07 Mar,18
Hi sir plz suggest me licky phone number for my date of birth 06march1994(06/03/1994)
Bala dhanunjaya yadav 06 Mar,18
my life date of birthday 18-02-1996. .all
Puranjay Ranjan Chowdhury 04 Mar,18
My D. O. B-31.10.1986 Please tell me my lucky number
Rakesh Kumar 01 Mar,18
I have lost my mobile htc 728 d.o.b 01/01/1961 Please information give me plz
dob 14/12/1969 pls suggest what should I do to get my long due promotion
Tejinder pal singh 27 Feb,18
My date of birth is 20th dec 1970. Pls advise me my lucky no.
Zarzolien 25 Feb,18
My DOB 12/12/1985 please tell me my lucky number
Naveen Kumar S 25 Feb,18
My D.O.B 30/06/1985 please tell me my lucky number
Abhishek Prasad 24 Feb,18
Sir,my DOB 01/08/1971 Name : Abhishek Prasad, Place-Kolkata, Time-Early Morning pls suggest lucky no for me
Bhagwan Singh 24 Feb,18
My d. o. b. 15/07/1990
Vamshi 23 Feb,18
12-06-2001 PLS Tell My Lucky Number
raju barde 23 Feb,18
aslam hussain 21 Feb,18
My d.5o.b- 02/01/1991 pls tell me my lucky number
Samuel Fernandes 20 Feb,18
sandeep kumar 19 Feb,18
Sir my D.O.B. 15-07-1994 , please tell me about my lucky number.
Nirmal bhojgaria 17 Feb,18
My dob is 267/1958 time 9:00am jharia jharkhand plz tell me my very lucky no, thanx
Hirendra Nath Ghosh 14 Feb,18
My date of birth is 19/09/1974 Please guide
Jaga podh 12 Feb,18
23/11/1995 tell my lucky number plese
Naveen Kumar 08 Feb,18
Hi..plz reply what can be my extremely supported mobile number? Birth Date ## 04/10/1989
Jaidev 06 Feb,18
My d.o.b 02/07/1999 Pls tell me my lucky number
GD Mishra 05 Feb,18
hi pls suggest lucky no for me my DOB 06/01/1985 Full Name : Gadadhar Mishra
My d.o.b. is 08/05/1994.plss tell me my lucky no.
Praveen 04 Feb,18
My D.O.B 02-08-1992 my lucky number
Kajal Mishra 04 Feb,18
Pls suggest me mo. No My DOB- 25 August 1992 Thnx
n h ansari 02 Feb,18
sir my date of birth 05/04/1986 plz give me ans my lucky no.........
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