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g Srinivas 24 Oct,15
My bod 05-09-1975, please tell me which mobile no. Is lucky for me and tell me the future of the life sir.
Amit M Rana 24 Oct,15
Please sir serch my lucky no?
RAJU RAM 24 Oct,15
sir my dob. 28 aug 1992 plz tell me my carrer about govt job or private and love life
Prantik Goswami 24 Oct,15
sir my dob is 30-05-1985 which mo no is good for me.
deepak birana 24 Oct,15
Sir my dob. Is 15/01/91 which mob. Is lucky for me
arun kumar 24 Oct,15
Sir ji my dob is 04011986 plz ask me about my career and future
Narayan Raha 24 Oct,15
my dob is 08/01/1979, which is my lucky no ?
mohammad khasim 24 Oct,15
which mob no. Indicates growth of my career DOB 26-02-1991
satyam 24 Oct,15
my DOB is 10 sep 1998 timing 01:13 pm sir plz tell me my lucky number.
Pramod dadasahedadasaheb kardu 24 Oct,15
My dob is 12.10.1985 which is best number for me
Hello sir, i am khushal, my date of birth 27/09/1974 ,plz send the my licky e-mail id.
Femina Ajit Rahatekar 23 Oct,15
my dob 12/12/1977, Pl. Send me lucky name and no.
Rupak Majumder 23 Oct,15
Hi my date of birth is 29/04/1997. What is my lucky number and tell me a my future and carrier.pls sent my answer my email id shortly plzzz sir
priyanka sharma 22 Oct,15
My dob is 15 july 1991 tell me about my future
Anil Kumar Sharma 22 Oct,15
DoB 26.10.1959. Want to set up own Advertising agency will I be able to succeed? Out of job for 2 years 10 months.
Thomas Benhur Sunil 22 Oct,15
Sir My D.O.B. Is 16/10/1981 Wat s My Lucky Number
anmol yadav 22 Oct,15
My mob has lost on 16-10-2015. On train running on that time I used that name is Panasonic.dhund ka da dijya Ga plz then I will give award on that prson.
Chandan 21 Oct,15
My DOB is 21.10.1987 please tell me about my 1st Love, and my Destiny..
ramu verma 21 Oct,15
pls tell me what time bright my future & my lycky no.....
chidanand tammaray bagali 21 Oct,15
sir my dob is 26-06-1985 which mo no is good for me
when i get goverment job
pradeep roy 21 Oct,15
My dob is 03/10/1075 so wat mob no is good for me n shall i make some changes in my name for luck n prosperity plse advice me
d.santoshkumar 21 Oct,15
Please Sir my birth date 02/08/1985 time my luck number
Aman gupta 21 Oct,15
My dob is 27-07-1996 What is my future
Hari Panwar 21 Oct,15
Hello Sir my name is Hari Panwar my lucky num.plz send is my mo. no.
prakash rajput 21 Oct,15
sir my dob is 18-03-1991 which mob no is good for me..................
vinodh t s 21 Oct,15
Am vinodh d.o.b-2/9/1988......pls tell one golden num.....pls send a email.....m waiting sirrr
bhargav 20 Oct,15
Hi My dob was 25th February 1987. Which number is suitable to me. Thanks Bhargav
Ashok kumar 20 Oct,15
Mera iphone 3gs chori ho gaya ha
pardeep kuamr 20 Oct,15
Sir my d.o.b. 21.4.1983 what will be my lucky number
DEVENDRA 20 Oct,15
resp sir my dob is 22/07/1981 which Is my lucky no and lucky mob no
B.maddilety 20 Oct,15
Hi Sir , my name is B.MADDILETY my lucky number sir . Plz tel me sir...
munesh kumar saini 19 Oct,15
my dob 6 july 1992 my name is munesh kumar saini sir send me lucky num. nd wt is my future &carrier
chidanand tammaray bagali 19 Oct,15
sir my dob is 26-10-1985 which mo no is good for me
lucky meena 19 Oct,15
plzzz tell me my lucky number plzzzzz by email
lalit 19 Oct,15
samsung galxy 7562 gum
Kamlesh Rajput 19 Oct,15
Which number is suitable for me my astro sign is Gemini.
Arun Tontai 19 Oct,15
Dear Sir, My DOB is 15-04-1972 What number should i use for my car?
Vinod Gaud 19 Oct,15
What will be good luck no. for me. my DOB 21101986
Mayur P. Dharme 19 Oct,15
my favorite number fast 99and last eight 05-09-1995
chandra prakash 19 Oct,15
Sir I have completed my engineering my d.o.b is 7-3-92 please suggest me the lucky no.
ALOK VERMA 18 Oct,15
my dob is 20/08/1991 which no. is lucky for me ?
amit kumar singh 18 Oct,15
suggest me to go up nad up to help poor and helpless people to get relax in his/her life.
Arun Thakur 18 Oct,15
What is my lucky number. My dob 03/06/1991 please tell me what is my lucky number please sir send me ay email. Please sir.
Vijay Singh 18 Oct,15
What is my lucky number My dob 20/08/1989 Please send my lucky number my email
Neeraj Tripathi 17 Oct,15
sir, my d.o.b. is 12 may 1986 please tell me when will i get the government job and what is my financial status in future.
YOGESH 17 Oct,15
vikram singh mathuria 17 Oct,15
My dob 01/04/1979 at is my future & carrier presently I am job less
Arun Kumar Dixit 17 Oct,15
My DOB 20-07-1995 at is my lucky and good future nomber
MAMATA 17 Oct,15
Sir my d o b is 1991 what will be my lucky number
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