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Sanjay Sinha 22 Feb,16
My DOB is 14.10.1965 what is my lucky number
Lakshminarayana.N 21 Feb,16
My dob:6.7.1984 plz send my luky mobile no.
Vikas 07 Feb,16
My date of birth 15/11/2000 Suggest my lucky no.
mayuri gulabani 07 Feb,16
DOB 13-04-1964 i want to know future business
Dibakar Kumbhar 06 Feb,16
My Birth day 5/2/1992 Please talwin my Mobile number
podishetti dinesh 06 Feb,16
my dob 30-12-1989 lucky mobile number
Mahesh 06 Feb,16
My birthday is 02-08-1995 what is my lucky number
manish yadav 06 Feb,16
My birthday date 10 -10-1997 mere lucky number ke bare me batao
ashok 05 Feb,16
it easy and comfort to go through this site good
abhaykumar Rae 05 Feb,16
Sir 20 -03-1988 My lucky mobile, car,number kat hai and business konsa karu
Anjaneyulu 05 Feb,16
my date of birth is aug 11,1985 which mobile no can i choose i am a business man
varun kumar 04 Feb,16
hello sir.. my dob is 25-1-1994...sir i begu plz tell me about my marriage and my life partner name. when i mat with her
Dob- 28.03.1991.plz known me my future&lucky number,etc...
Vinod kumar 03 Feb,16
Good job sir brilliant sir I have one question sir I m not satisfied with my life in every field my face smiling but heart no
mahil 02 Feb,16
This is my lucky no. My dob-16-5-1999
sagar lagas 02 Feb,16
may barthaday date o1/07/1992 and tell about my of future.&lucky number
Apninder pal singh 02 Feb,16
resectedsir my date of birth 09/12/1975 on 3.35 pm plzz tell my feature & money.plz plz
Rajinder Kumar 02 Feb,16
kindly tell me my lucky no, my date of birth is June 05,1982
nimma Ramesh my lucky number and my name in dob 11-05-1989
ramachandra 01 Feb,16
sir please suggest me which mobile number is suite for me
madasu venkatesh 01 Feb,16
my dob 16/12/1991 may i know my carrer is now
mahendra prabhakar more 31 Jan,16
मेरा लकी नंबर और मेरे तकदीर मे क्या लिखा हे
vishha deshmukkh 30 Jan,16
my birt date 21/07/1987 lucky mob no
Puneet Kumar k 29 Jan,16
31-07-1987 date of birth time 1:20pm tell about my business future
Vikas Chauhan 29 Jan,16
Its a Gr8 Work You are Doing For Us
madan kumar purohit 28 Jan,16
Srimanji mera lucky name kya hona chahie bt d 07/04/1983
Vigneshwaran.s 27 Jan,16
My dob is 17-06-1996 what is my lucky number
Lekhraj meena 27 Jan,16
Sir my dob-10-06-1986 ha mere luck k bare m batao ply
sureshrana 27 Jan,16
My birthday date is 23/04/1983so please tell me my lucky number and my carrier
manjunath c 26 Jan,16
My bod is 29 july 1978 pls suggest me my mobile num is good r not good for my business
Ankit Kumar 25 Jan,16
Hi Sir/Madam This is Ankit Kumar & I want to know more about myself so please tell me about the future of mine. TIme is 8:00 am birth place is distt aligarh. Thanks Best Regards Ankit Kumar
Pankaj 25 Jan,16
Dob is 21/2/ suggest me regarding financial. Career public life matter.tnx
Kanha mahanta 24 Jan,16
Bahat achha traking Fesilite this is web site like u....
ramakrishna 24 Jan,16
Respected Sir my dob is 23-0201958 birth place visakhapatnam May I know as to how my career is now. May I know wi=hish mob number will suit me. Regards
mahesh rajendra rawal 24 Jan,16
this is may luck no sar may barthaday date 1/1/1994
Avinash 24 Jan,16
my birth date is 27-02-1992 which professional career good for me and tell about my of future.&lucky number
harish agicha 23 Jan,16
which series of mobile number i shall use that can be lucky for me Name:-Harish Agicha DOB:-09/11/1990
Sir my date of birth is17/11/1978 in kammarpally,nizamabad(dist),telangana.sir please tell me about my lucky number,my future and career
ikramsharieff 23 Jan,16
hello sir my dob is 12/1/1984 hi sir plz suggest my future and my business and my marriage and my future thnk u......
shubhranshu shekhar 22 Jan,16
My d/o/b is 28 june 1998 whata my lucky number
girish 22 Jan,16
sir my dob 6/7/1983 please sugest me right mobile number
satish kumar 21 Jan,16
hello sir.. my dob is 26-11-1991...sir i begu plz tell me about my marriage and my life partner name. when i mat with her
rekham 21 Jan,16
hai i ma Rekha,my dob is 26-2-1989,please let me know about my future.
juber mulla 21 Jan,16
hi, my dob is 30/06/1980. i just start my company which is working in service sector. we are mainly works in roads and highways. please suggest me mobil no for business success.
allam sreenivasulu 21 Jan,16
my date of birth 26/02/1963 suggest no and lucky no
Rampal 20 Jan,16
R/sir My dob. Is 08 step.1980 In documents not in real, just suggested. Tell me my future please.
sanjaykumar r pasi 20 Jan,16
Hi sir please suggest to my job in permanent& my life in not settled?
ikbal alam 20 Jan,16
My birthday was on 03-04-1998 ..what is my lucky number &also my best ever mobile no
vijayarora 19 Jan,16
Hello My birthday is on 22/08/1978 evening 5.15 near pali river raj can oyu tell my financial future for this year
Manjunath 18 Jan,16
Sir my date of birth is 03/07/1984 Time-10.45AM Pls advise which mobile number to use. Iam unmarried when can get married.
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