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jitendra pathre 09 Nov,17
my DOB is 12 july 1966 time 23.10, tell me about my future pls
Shail P_athre 09 Nov,17
my DOB 02/04/2000 time evening 6.05 pm, pls tell me about my future and career. Right now its very bad period
Lingaraj Seth 08 Nov,17
which mob no. is lucky for me my DOB is 18/07/1979
Amit sharma 06 Nov,17
My DOB is 15/07/1991 how will be my future.. Sir please tell me..
Dipali Waghmare 31 Oct,17
My DOB is 04.11.1983. Will I be able to live life with all luxuries.?
Himanshu 29 Oct,17
Which mobile num is best for me my D.O.B- 10-11-1987 at 1pm
Sushant Sarawgi 29 Oct,17
Dob- 8/6/1998 Time-10:48 am Tell about my ups and down and my future occupation in which line I can get success Please Regards Sushant Sarawgi
Rajabhakshi 29 Oct,17
my DOB 06/01/1987 always face problems what my future?
rashidul islam 28 Oct,17
My Dob is 03 nov 1993 When my golden time is coming....
Vivek kumar singh 27 Oct,17
My date of birth is 10 September 1992. When i will get success in my life.
Prithvi 26 Oct,17
DOB 27-10-1988, Help me about financial situation.
Govind Kumar 26 Oct,17
My DOB is 16/09/1988.please tell me about my carrier....
Balram 24 Oct,17
My DOB is 4/01/1985 what is my future
vinod rajaram desai 24 Oct,17
my DOB 19/08/1976 always face problems what my future?
alok singh 23 Oct,17
DOB-23/08/1975 What is my future and when my golden time will come?
urmila singh 23 Oct,17
DOB 25 june 1980.what is my future predictions.when i will be stable. Goct. job in my life or not.
usha patnaik 23 Oct,17
My DOB is 19/09/1965 what about my financial position in future to clear my debts
Amit Bhagwan sakpal 21 Oct,17
My DOB IS 21/01/1983 what is my future
Prachi Patel 19 Oct,17
My date of birth is 22-08-1995...,timing 11:05am Any prediction
Surendra Kumar Sahu 19 Oct,17
My date of birth is 17/06/1970, always face problems what my future
Smita 16 Oct,17
My date of birth is 25/9/1982 what my future
DEV 15 Oct,17
Sir, my DOB is 05-07-1982, Any future predictions?
Tusar kumar jena 14 Oct,17
Oppo mobile is lost today can you help me plz sir odisha A57
Suratha Kumar Malik 14 Oct,17
My DOB is 14-02-1983 7:30 AM. please let me know about my luck..wealth and future
Mausam jyoti saharia 13 Oct,17
SIR MY DOB is 16/10/1998......what is future
Mohit Kumar Jhajharia 11 Oct,17
Dob 10. 3. 1981 sir lucky number bataye
Prachi Gulati 11 Oct,17
Sir, my DOB is 10.10.1987, Any future predictions?
Sir, my date of birth is 24/01/1981. please tell me the lucky mobile number
dibyaprakash 10 Oct,17
sir mydob is 20/03/1996 what is the my lucky number
Kailash G.Sadarangani 09 Oct,17
Want to know about my future regarding health and wealth
Abhijith 09 Oct,17
My date of birth is 26 march 1983 . Please send my lucky octave number
akash babu 08 Oct,17
Dob 15 Nov 1992. What is my lucky no.
Dnyneshwar shrimangale 07 Oct,17
My date of birth 27-6 -1880 please tail me my luck no and about my life
kamlesh 06 Oct,17
hello sir my D.O.B. is 1141981 at 11.15 a.m.please tell me my lucky mobile no. and about my whole life.
SAURAV 06 Oct,17
MY DOB - 07/01/2002,wha is my luckey number.
Rajumancherla 06 Oct,17
Sir please help me I have no idea about my exactly date of birth How can I get my future present iam facing soo many problems
mohit kumar 05 Oct,17
Dob 01.08.1998 sir luck no bataye
Pawan Vishwakarma 05 Oct,17
D. O. B.4/1/1998 sir my lucky no. Bataye
Punit Kumar shrivastava 03 Oct,17
Hi sir my DOB is 31/12/1984. Pls suggest me lucky no For my business
Rupankar Majumder 01 Oct,17
My DOB is 02/11/1976. Name: RUPANKAR MAJUMDER Plz suggest any changes for my name, I am struggling very much.
Kaushik Ghosh 01 Oct,17
DOB is 5.10.1076. Can u give me some ideas abt my life in the coming days would be. It will be a great help if u can help me out. Plz Sir
Ami panchal 01 Oct,17
DOB - 19 June 1971 sir please tell me lucky number and also about my life .
Ashok Verma 01 Oct,17
My dob id 24/08/1975 Please lucky no
27/05/1985 time 20:25. Sir lucky number .something about my life work to.
Tanuja 30 Sep,17
My date of birth 7may 1982 Tel me about my future n when my marriege done
Arun Agarwal 30 Sep,17
Sir. My Birthday is 20.11.1958 pl give sime advice..about my profession. Doing frim last 25 years.
Kashish Gupta 30 Sep,17
My birth date is 09/12/1995 please tell me about my life I’m doing CA my attempt is in Nov2017 itself please tell me about it also.
Shrawan Kumar 30 Sep,17
DOB: 01.06.1985 Please suggest for career and financial stability.
Mahesh Salvi 30 Sep,17
Dob is 06 07/1969 Kindly share my lucky number and also if any changes required in my name.
piyush sharma 30 Sep,17
D.o.b-30/11/1991 Time -16:15 Location - Vadodara Gujarat
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