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Papi sk 19 May,16
hi sir, my dob- 24/12/1990 11:55pm. Plz tell me my future.
prakash singh 18 May,16
Sir mera d o b 12/3/1994 hai meri govt job kb lagegi plzzz tell me sir
Amit Ojha 18 May,16
My DOB IS 28/5/76, DOT. 23:45, indore Mp. Suitable number for me. Plss tell me sir
Rakesh 18 May,16
my dob 11-06-1991 plz suggest my lucky numbr
हेमन्त कुम 18 May,16
Dob 26.8.1992 tell me about my future.....
S.K.MAHI 17 May,16
Sir may DOB.10-08-1994 Please tell me my future S.K.MAHI Thanks.......
jitesh Mohite 17 May,16
Hello sir. my DOB is :- 29/09/1990. please help me. and suggest me.and tell me about my future and when i will get job.. Thanks...
juli agrawal 17 May,16
my dob 28-11-1991 ...I want government job ...and I m preparing... tell me my future
Raj kumar 17 May,16
My DOB is 16-04-1995 ... i want know about my future...plz tell me
Rakesh chaudhary 17 May,16
D O B 23-08-1981 mera sarkari naukari hogi isssal ki nahi. or ek exam diya hu uska result favorable ayega kya.
ajay kumar rai 16 May,16
dob-11jan 1974 in teaching profession advice my growth
Ujjwala 15 May,16
hi, sir I want to know abt my husband future he getting problems in jobs his name : Vijay DOB : 14-12-1980 BORNTIMING 5:15AM
vijay 15 May,16
sir, my DOB 19-09-1975 morning 4:00 satara pl tell me my future vijay
Totan Das 15 May,16
sir dob 25011997 my life further
Jasveer kaur 14 May,16
My d.o.b is 09-09-1992 and time is11:15pm .I want to know my future.
Neelam onkar pardeshi 13 May,16
sir mera b.o.d h 1sep1988 or mera english sub bohot week h ise me kaese english me perfect ho sakti hu
vinay kumar singhal 12 May,16
my mobile is lost today at the time in between 9-00 am to 9-45 am in kota dhanmandi subjimandi kota
subhash 12 May,16
10-11-1989 d.o.b. pls lucky no. For me.....
Santhosh Markose Kalayil 11 May,16
Helo sir my dob is 5 may 1970 can you help me out of my troubles
jogi 11 May,16
My dob is 26/03/1984 time 09:30 pm place agra. Plz tell me abt career and wealth in future
Aditya bhujbal 11 May,16
Sir My date of birth is 29th December 1996 time of born 2.00 am i want to know about my future related to studies. Thank you
prahlad kumar 11 May,16
sir, my name is PRAHLAD KUMAR and my d.o.b. is 27 may 1990 please suggest me my lucky mobile no. thanks
varsha digambar pitale 10 May,16
my birth date is 7/5/1981 plz tell me about my career and is their any spelling change in my name,nothing is hapenning good in life if i decide some thing to do ,it fails so plz let me know some thing about me thanks
Anil kumar meena 09 May,16
Hello sir,I want to know about my future My DOB IS 12-11-1996
Balwant singh 09 May,16
My date of birth 16 Nov 1989 my business. Is very down plzz suggest me .how can i do it.
Lokesh Narote 09 May,16
Hello sir" My Name is Lokesh Narote & my D.O.B 01/11/1993 plz tell me my future & lucky number ...Thank You
Virendra kumar Dwivedi 08 May,16
My dob 27 April 1971 working in printing & packaging line advice me to growth.
shubham sharma 08 May,16
04/08/1996 pls tell my future
Sanjeev Das 08 May,16
Sir,my name is sanjeev and i am a student.My date of birth is: 19-06-1992. I want to know my future.Plz helps and guide me.
manoj kumar yadav 08 May,16
my dob is 22/04/1990 and time 03.30 am i want to know about my future and about marriage life
indraj kumar meena 07 May,16
my date dob 15 nov. 1993 i am know my future
Naveen 07 May,16
Dob. 02-01-1992 sir plz tell me. Govt job My future & cerrier.
Kuldeep kumar 07 May,16
Sir my dob 15/06/1993 hai sir my feature kaisa hoga i m be long haryana from karnal
Rajesh 06 May,16
Sir pls tell me which numbers will be match to me my date of birth is 24.11.1987
sir my DOB is 17-08-1988 time 11:24 pm I want to know my future . plzzz
sandeep rupanur 06 May,16
DOB 050519820time 11.30am i want to know about my future
Nand kishor jha 06 May,16
Hello sir, I want to know my future what I do and in which field success. I am a student, and my DOB is 2 -01-1993 Kindly, please tell me. Thank you
sudhakar yadav 06 May,16
Hi sir please tell me about my job career n life style... DOB is 03 Dec 1993. Time: 01.20 AM
Dhanasekar 05 May,16
DOB:03/05/1996 I am studying. Plz tell me future and how this works
nand kishore 05 May,16
sir my dob is 08-03-1981 i want to know about my futre and job
Shailendra 05 May,16
Hello sir good afternoon My date of birth 11/09/1989 I want to know about my future
Chandan Kumar Nayak 05 May,16
My DOB 20/05/1996 i know my future tell you
jagadeesha a.r 05 May,16
dear sir, i want about my future and give me my lucky phone number and lucky date of birth -26/08/1983,time-11:36am
Rakesh kumar sahu 04 May,16
Sir mera date of birt h 4 may 1999 mere future ke bare me bataiye
Karamjit KAur 04 May,16
Hi Sir, My DOB is 1 may 1990. plz tell me about my future life.
ravi sharma 04 May,16
My d.o.b is 01/01/1981,time-10.20pm,place-Amritsar Punjab.i want to know about my future
kanhaya chouhan 03 May,16
मेरी जन्मतिथि 7-81977 है मै राजनीति भी करना चाहता हूँ और व्यवसाय भी मेरा कौन सा कार्य उचित है । वर्तमान में मैं ऑफसेट प्रिंटर्स और क्षेत्र पंचायत सदस्य भी हू....क्रपया उपाय बताएं ।
Vishal singh 03 May,16
hi sir my birth date 12 October 1992 I know my future please help
Anil Jaiswal 03 May,16
my DOB 7/1/1989 PLEASE batayiye ki mera future kaisa hoga
Ravindra Kumar Chourawar 03 May,16
Sir my DOB is 09/08/1987 Sir tell me about my Job and marriage..
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