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zia haider 16 Oct,16
Dear Sir Please send my lucky mobile no. My .D.O.B is 15-09-1982 & I m belong in event management field. Please Sugges me ....
sunil 15 Oct,16
I am very thankfully to you that you told about my lucky number
kiranmai nagu 13 Oct,16
My date of birth 1994.kani me option lo 94 ledhu
anandjain 12 Oct,16
sir my dob is 4march1987 pls provide me my lucky number
Ramakrishna 11 Oct,16
DOB 11-05-1983 , sir please suggest good mobile number series.
Anunad 11 Oct,16
My dob 03-03-1980 time 1.20 am Kindly send my lucky number
shekhar 10 Oct,16
sir lost my phone sumsung z1
Sachin Kumar mehra 08 Oct,16
Dob 25 June 1981 time 23:00 please send my lucky no.
laxmikant 08 Oct,16
date 03/06/1988 recored name laxmiknat nick name pappu my lucky number 4 digits
Pradeep Singh Sehmi 02 Oct,16
My DOB is 23-01-1973 What is my lucky no Is transport business beneficial for me.Please suggest.. Thanks
PAWAN Kumar 02 Oct,16
I lost my phone redmi note 3 In vaisali metro station
noori hasan 01 Oct,16
sir, I have lost my mbl phn micromax bolt q339 kindly help me to find location
Vrushali bajaj 01 Oct,16
Superb prediction
B ratanlal 01 Oct,16
Sir I lost my mobile on my birthday day itself 19 09 1974 My birthday date
varsha mayank shah 01 Oct,16
sirji, you are a big name in numerology. as per my mobile no., it came true.I have ketu in my scorpion ascendant birth chart, have a very tough & ill health life. can u give any suggestions? my DOB is 21 May 1966.Time 18.43, Salad, Mumbai. I have 2 teen ager daughters. can you tell me about their study & marriage life in future ! please reply.
Amarjeet Singh Mehta 30 Sep,16
Having cake and soda shop.... When will business settle
Ajaykumar k patel 30 Sep,16
My dob 22/9/1976. Finance regarding. Pl. Do needful
Rita khanna 30 Sep,16
When will I start a successful business n will or should it be in partnership with my daughter Yachana or Riddhima PlZ do reply
Diinesh K Aggarwal 30 Sep,16
Hi i had visited you 5 year back. Just want to know when n where could i buy my own house. My date of birth is 24th july 1970. Regards Diinesh K Aggarwal
yuvrajrahul 29 Sep,16
my lucky no
Sahanazdullah 29 Sep,16
Sim owner name
ngouba 22 Sep,16
sir I have lost mobile and everything plz kindly help me I want to know his location
sriniokc 22 Sep,16
my mobile safty
dinesh 22 Sep,16
wav... lucky thismy mob. no.
soni kumar 20 Sep,16
I lost my Oppo mobile plz help
gurpreet singh 20 Sep,16
Tell me about myself n my status at present . how my time is at present n iam doing in corrier service ( daak letter ) will it b benifical for me or not or shall shift to some other job. Thanks with regards
Munna kumar 20 Sep,16
Sir kon sa nbr lu jo lottery lgega
Darshan 17 Sep,16
how to get success with luck
nirakar nayak 16 Sep,16
Kya aap mobile ka EMEI no. Batane se usme lage mobile no. Ko bata sakate ho
shiv 15 Sep,16
Sim new
ankit kumar 14 Sep,16
My dob 2.jan.1993 hai sir mera lucky nuber batao please and main railway main job chahta hu lagegi ki nhi please reply
Anant Joshi 14 Sep,16
Helo Sir, my DOB is 27/11/1980 (10:27 AM Ludhiana). Need your kind suggestions for career growth. Also, suggest lucky number, please. Many thanxx.
pabitra behera 14 Sep,16
My dob is 28/06/1997 What is my lucky no
gurjeevan singh 14 Sep,16
birth date 26/11/1992 birth place hanumangarh birth time 06:00am
FIRAN LAL 13 Sep,16
Sir, what is my lucky number ? my D.O.B is 04-05-1962.
Rajaganapathy 13 Sep,16
My Lucky no DOB 09091964
harshavardhan 13 Sep,16
pls my marriage is dealy give any suggest
Suresh kumar 13 Sep,16
Sir mera D.O.B.- 10/07/1973 hai. Mera lucky number kyaa hoga.
Arjun Singh Bisht 13 Sep,16
My date of birth is 10 sept 1990, please suggest me smthing about my creer my future, I feel im trying but unable to change my time, please give me a path..
s.nijalingappa 13 Sep,16
My date of birth:13/09/1973 birth time:-7:50am my lucky no&now can I finance & job progress please send
Sourab sharma 12 Sep,16
My dob is 09/01/1997 mujhe mere future ke bare me batayo
My D O B- 25 nov kindly suggest job
ananda rao 12 Sep,16
pls tell me my phone number is lucky for improve my business as well as my life
keerthivasan 12 Sep,16
PLEASE SHOW THE PLACE WHERE the sim is used in map
prakash 11 Sep,16
What is my lucky number ? 6/4/1982
om prakash 11 Sep,16
dob is 11/03/1986 what will lucky mobile no.
Chandan Patra 11 Sep,16
My dob 14/05/1995, plece suggest me some tips for iife .as i m in working job in realstate.
Ankur 10 Sep,16
My date of birth is 02/03/1986... so, sir plz tell me the lucky number.
vishesh sahani 10 Sep,16
My birthday 31.10.1995 my lucky no
Dhanendra singh rana 09 Sep,16
My D.O.B is 09.09.1995 so what my lucky number.
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