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Yovan Amburose 30 Mar,16
Hi my birthday 24. 07. 1985 i lost everything in my life so can u tell me about my life job love please thank you
settu 30 Mar,16
my date of birth 07-05-1990 my lucky number & future
T.sai sailesj 30 Mar,16
Sir plz send my lucky number for mobile according to date of birth 01-01-1985
shaikkhasim 30 Mar,16
My date of birthday 15 06 1995 My lucky number
shavita sharma 29 Mar,16
my birth date is 24 december 1977
Munirathnam 29 Mar,16
This good 13/02/1974 date of birth Name...... Munirathnam My lucky mobile no please
sivanagendra 29 Mar,16
my date of birth 19.12.1984 pl sir my lucky no tel me sir
Basheer Meharunnisa Begum 28 Mar,16
My DOB 28/11/1981 what is my lucky mobile number
yerra rameshbabu 28 Mar,16
hai sir looking for nice jobs
manjunatha n 27 Mar,16
my date of birth 10/01/1989 so please tell my lucky number
Dear sir, my D.O.B 02.12.2000 my luckey number
Ayus 27 Mar,16
My dob-2/11/1997 what is my lucky number
kishor kumar shabar 27 Mar,16
my date of birth 12/03/1989 my luky mobile no
Basheer Meharunnisa Begum 27 Mar,16
My DOB 28-11-1981 what is my lucky mobile number
himanshu nag 27 Mar,16
My D.O.B 03/07/1992 plz tell me my lucky no.
Sir,My date of birth is 8.8.1969..what would be my lucky mobile numbet
kishangiri 26 Mar,16
My d.o.b. is 13/07/1997 What is my lucky no.
Mangesh Ganpat Kadam 26 Mar,16
my date of birth 18.6.1991 sir plzz suggest for my life....
pawan kumar 26 Mar,16
Hi sir my date of birh 07091984 plz suggest my lucky no..
Umesh pandit 26 Mar,16
Dear sir my birthday date 18/9/1990 My Lucky number
lachharam 26 Mar,16
Sir my nam Lachharam my no u r the date 1-7-1987 pleas give ml lucky nomber
aveenash apurv 27 Feb,16
Sir my DOB- 18/10/1997 can you tell what is my lucky number nd some glipmes of my future.....
Rajan 27 Feb,16
12-02-1998 .ny lucky nmbr
Debanjan ghosh 26 Feb,16
My date of birth11*7*1989. I lost my love.if u help my love comeback in my life then pls ur lover date of birth22*8*1990. Name anindita roy
Shankar Lal Agarwala 26 Feb,16
My D.O.B 03.07.1955 My lucky mobile number
Sanjay Sripathi 26 Feb,16
My date of birth 2/11/1975 what is my Lucky mobile number .
Dattatray 26 Feb,16
DOB 25/02/1988 Luck Mobile no.
Ashwith 26 Feb,16
date of birth 1/7/94 suggest lucky no
Jayaganesan 26 Feb,16
my dob is 25/5/1990. what is my star? what is my horoscope? what is my Zodiac?
Ashutosh Pandey 25 Feb,16
My d.o.b. is 13/07/1997 What is my lucky no.
V Thiagarajan 25 Feb,16
mydate of birth is 13 mar 1977 suggest to know about future business. presently i think to share trading business. suggest please
bkvenkkatesh 25 Feb,16
my dob 17/02/1972 pl suggest me mobile no i am real estate agent
siddharth singh 25 Feb,16
my date of birth is 22/05/1994 please suggest my lucky number
ajit kharat 24 Feb,16
my birth day is 20-02-1991 what is my luky number
ajit kharat 24 Feb,16
my birth day is 20-02-1991 what is my luky number
suneetha 24 Feb,16
My date of Birth 01-12-1992 is number good are bad please suggest
Prem Chandra Chaudhary 24 Feb,16
Please about me some word. DOB 19-07-1972.
Chintan Jodhani 24 Feb,16
hello Dear sir, my Name is chintan jodhani my DOB is 22/01/1991 i m A visa Consoltant but some time my business going low(loss) plz help me.
Nitin athiya 24 Feb,16
My DOB 07/081997 what is my lucy number
prashant kumar 24 Feb,16
Business is suitable for me or not.dob is 03/06/1988
Shobhit singh 23 Feb,16
My DOB 01/01/1994 Iwant to my know my futur progress
Shiv Kumar Pandey 23 Feb,16
Sir, my date of birth is 21/11/1986 please suggest me a number
Parashuram 23 Feb,16
My name is parashuram malusare my DOB is 11th January 1990
shreedhar 23 Feb,16
my date of birth 12-6-1995 what is my luckey no &which no is my good mobile no plzz suggest me sir..
yugandhar 23 Feb,16
03-02-1997 this is my date of birth plzzz suggest my lucky no
sarfaraj alam 23 Feb,16
my birth date is 10/10/1972 please tell me my lucky no and also my my future. thank you.
MY DOB 05/07/1993 What is my mobile number
santhosh 23 Feb,16
my date of birth 15/05/1993 suggest my lucky number
Dipankar Nandan 23 Feb,16
Sir I am from Kolkata.My date of birth is 23/12/1972.Please suggest my lucky mobile number
Girish Chandra Kuar 22 Feb,16
My date of birth is 08-12-1975 kindly say what is my lucky no
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