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Naseem bano 25 Feb,17
Sir please tell me about my professional life.
Kiran 25 Feb,17
D.O.B- 04/06/1992 time- 07:45AM plz give me suggestions to get job quickly and future.
Basavaraj Venkatapur 25 Feb,17
Sir, i would like to know lucky phone no for gold business, and please suggest me should i consider only first & last name for numerology or only first name.
sukhpal 24 Feb,17
Celkon a20 model gum haygaya hai
Ketan 24 Feb,17
Trying very hard to get a job , alas no luck . Daughter too looking for a job, but no luck
Dheeraj Srivastava 23 Feb,17
DOB : 28 June 1972 Time : 7:00 PM place : Allahabad (UP) kindly suggest my work and earninigs through out life. any special prediction also
Mallikarjunaiah br 23 Feb,17
Will I get government job?
Chandrashekar M 22 Feb,17
Date of birth is 2-3-1965. Kumba rasi. Dhanishta nakshatra. Please suggest lucky mobile numbers
balveer singh 22 Feb,17
sir my dob 6.5.1993 mera futchur
Whats my lucky number please say.
Bhatu Patil 20 Feb,17
Sir I Have Suffered from A Very Very Much Badpatch ,Sirji WhatEver any Work I taken I Must Be Failed Sir Please Suggest me Do it in A Proper Way.....Please Request Sirji
Veejay shinde 19 Feb,17
Job or business .13.12.1984
Rajeshwari shrma 19 Feb,17
I have changed my name spelling corrected by you in jan2016 and also changed my cell no. But not a single change i recieved from this.plz help
gopal prasad sharma 19 Feb,17
Sir please tell me about my future
M Tauseef Ahmed 19 Feb,17
Good morning sir my date of birth is /5/7/1988 6 years ago i completed my study But unfortunately no have a job yet and i am a physicaly disabled person sir please suggest me something Thank you....
vamshi 19 Feb,17
27/February /1991
kashinath 19 Feb,17
Hai sir iam kashinath my date birth is 31/01/1985 time 5:32am morning sir which mobile number lucky dress colours and bike number sir please suggest me sir
rishikesh murlidhar taklikar 19 Feb,17
Sir My name is rishikesh taklikar. My date of birth is 17-07-1990. M. Suffering from some days please tell me how Should I make changes. Which can decrease my problems. Please guide me.
Nishant Raut 18 Feb,17
My birth date is 16.07.1963 please tell me about future
Nishant Raut 18 Feb,17
My birth date is 16.07.1963 please tell me about future
Prashant Waghamare 18 Feb,17
DOB- 26/11/1988 Sir plz tell me my lucky name & signature
Amit Khakal 18 Feb,17
Date of birth : 16/04/1991 Please let me know about my career , can you tell me in which field i make my career better.
mayur 18 Feb,17
Sir my birth date is 22-05-1989 I want true loveing life partnerand good career in my life . Sir is it possible in my life
Ashish Raverkar 18 Feb,17
Sir my DOB is 19/11/1972 , please tell me about future job and wealth position.
Neelkanth 18 Feb,17
DOB 17:11:82
Yohan Daruwalla 18 Feb,17
Sir, My dob is 23/05/1986......... Whn i wil gt a gud job n in whch yr i wil gt married? Wil i gt a job in banking sector whch i want.
prakashchand 18 Feb,17
Shubham dobriyal 18 Feb,17
sir my name is Shubham dobriyal and date of birth (07/05/1995) plz predict some future prediction for me and I have pursuing my engineering from civil branch
chirag 18 Feb,17
My dob is 5 oct 1990. Which mobile number is lucky for me.
Ritu Bala 18 Feb,17
Hi Sir,My self Ritu Bala DOB-17-9-1987 time 7:15 pm please suggest good things for my future and any changes of my name plz plz sir
Dattaprasad Dhumal 18 Feb,17
Dear Sir, I want stability in career as well as all good possibilities in life. Dhanyawad.
Megha Satpute 18 Feb,17
Please tell me should I use New name as per Gazette
Ritu Bala 18 Feb,17
Hi Sir, My self Ritu Bala please suggest good things for my future or any changes in my name plz plz sir so many problem in my life
Girish bidani 18 Feb,17
My dob is 27th nov 1969 when would I change job
Yogita bagnikar 18 Feb,17
DOB- 15/ 06/1986 Plz Suggest phone number and also hw to hv bright future..
Mithun Jagadish Sagare 18 Feb,17
Date of Birth:-29/07/1982 plz let me knw wats my lucky number and which mobile number shuld i use..!!
Vipin thapar 18 Feb,17
My DOB:-22/10/72 what should I do for better life
rahul bhote 18 Feb,17
My birth date 24 april1987 tell me about my feature
Yogesh pund 18 Feb,17
sir, my b- date 29/9/1985 my name is yogesh tulshiram pund My all life problem plz solotionans ans send my email id
Ramesh ramchandra mane 18 Feb,17
Plz tell about my family life And my business
Priyanka malhotra 18 Feb,17
Please tell about my career ,i want to settle abroad with good job .DOB14/5/1976 and time -6;55am ,New delhi
manish barai 18 Feb,17
Sir mera dob19.03.1988 hai muje kya karna chahiye or mere sat kab achha hoga....
mayoorr paatil 18 Feb,17
sir my DOB :16/05/1995
Smita shekhar deore 18 Feb,17
My date of birth 10/8/1982 give advice my lucky job ani promotion...
Vikas Vaishnav 18 Feb,17
What should I do to success I my business
Sunil godbole 18 Feb,17
My DOB 19 11 1972 plz suggest start new business
Vivekanand cholli 18 Feb,17
Hello sir my date of birth is 12-01-1993 can u tel me which Lucky number....
DOB :- 25MARCH 1968
Heena verma 18 Feb,17
27-09-1974 my birthdate please let me know when I will settle in my life
Sagar chaudhari 18 Feb,17
Sir my data of birth is 28 /o4 /1982 please let me know when is the Good time for me .
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